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Why do you like movies?

Why do you listen to music?

How come it's possible to "see yourself" in other people's stories and experiences?

The answer to all 3 questions is...

Mirror Neurons.

Do some research on mirror neurons in advertising...

And post your questions here.

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  • Mark,

    Hope things are good with you.

    You posted "Mirror Neurons" at a very appropriate time for me (I'm writing about neuroscience and quantum physics for a client and their products).

    Mirror Neurons fall under the quantum "Law of Entanglement" - meaning connections, associations and relationships may be the definitive characteristics of everything in space and time. All independent of distance.

    My Ad can originate in the UK where I'm based but read in Australia or anywhere else. It doesn't matter (providing it reaches the target audience).

    It's said - one way or another - everything and everyone is "linked" and we all affect each other (good and bad).

    Obviously it makes sense to align with the good things.

    We have "mirror neurons" that fire up as we watch someone doing something we like or can relate to.

    It could be laughing or crying, drinking a cup tea or knocking back a beer. Or as you suggested hearing music, watching a movie or "seeing ourselves" in other peoples stories or experiences.

    Now we know why we get a brilliant response from Ads that work (they ignite the mirror neurons).

    Here's how it's done...

    Giacomo Rizzolatti an Italian neurophysiologist and his team were the first to discover mirror neurons in 1995.

    Through these neurons we literally fire up activity in the brain without actually using our five senses through the normal sensory-cognitive way.

    With empathy we can identify and understand, the internal experiences of another person, making communication more genuine and valuable.

    When we empathize, many different parts of their brain collaborate with these miniature, miraculous mirror neutrons ("happy neurotransmitter chemicals" kick in, like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin. Kicking out the bad chemicals like cortisol).

    You can literally re - wire the prospects thinking making your product/service an essential "must have" (even to the extent they actually "feel" their very survival depends on it or at least will be super enhanced by it - making it critical to only sell top notch products and not heaps of junk - when using this type of "force" it would be inhumane to try and pull a con).

    When you use these neuroscience and quantum strategies - you really do want the product to be as good as the "pitch" Because the "pitch" is what you might call "mind blowing."

    And you can see the importance of a rock solid, no quibble, no question guarantee (this of course further reassures the prospect and if for any reason they don't "like" what they bought they don't have to feel badly about the client - and may well want to re-experience the "thrill" and hear about other products the client has).

    Keep emphazing and we become hardwired to experience powerful compassion for others, and this compassion crosses all three worlds: sensory, electromagnetic, and quantum.

    This is incredibility powerful in advertising (it's unlikely we'll find many people who'll say - "These advertisers care too much about me" - but when we DO the response can be sensational).

    Quantum theory calls entanglement "bizarre behavior" for particles--such as two entangled particles behaving as one even when far apart.

    Imagine making your product/services being at "one" with your prospects?

    Physicists say it is physically (but maybe not mentally or even spiritually) impossible to know the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time. It's called "Nonlocal."

    Another way of saying there is no space-time dimension.

    Maybe this helps explain why a "one off" Ad may not do as well as an Ad seen 3-7 plus times.

    But nothing on earth is absolute.

    This relates to the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" - although there is quantum maths to narrow down the "uncertainty" it will never be 100% accurate.

    Telling us why it is wise to split or multiple test copy to see which works best.

    I could go on...and on...(research is everything in copywriting).

    But I'm hoping I have the right ideas.

    As in the same ideas you were considering.

    If so, voila!

    Quantum physics and mirror neurons in action.

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  • In what unique ways will learning about mirror neurons help me write better copy?

    Asking "how do I better see myself in others' experiences and stories" sounds like a great question.

    But is it necessary to know the biological mechanisms behind a mental/emotion process to better experience that mental/emotional process?

    I'm open to the answer being yes.

    And so I'll shamelessly rephrase my first question: Could you jump straight into sharing actionable points you learned about copywriting from studying mirror neurons?
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