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New to Warrior Forum so don't know all the rules yet.

But I have a question...

I've been a generalist copywriter for a year. Now, I'm looking to specialise.

After doing a ton of research (for months on end) on the possible markets to specialise in, I was hooked by the dating niche.

A few questions:
1. Does anyone here specialise in this niche? If this is not your niche, do you know of others in this niche?
2. How successful has this niche been for you, at getting clients, helping people and earning a living?

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    Your ability to get clients in the dating niche is dependent on 1) the value you bring to the table and 2) how well you communicate that value.

    It isn't dependent on the results that any individual who may respond to this post has gotten.

    The dating niche is just like any other niche. Use a proven way to rise up the ranks of in-demand copywriters. (Which if I'm reading the situation correctly, you don't know how to do.)

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    I am not sure about dating niche. But a sub-niche of that is the "breakup" niche and I know a lot of money who pay for that since many people are so vulnerable. However, they do coaching through emails and skype sessions.

    That's something that works for me since I intend to write emails for that niche.

    You're absolutely right. I don't even know where to start.
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    I know chris haddad is a kickass copywriter in the women's dating niche, and jason capital is a great copywriter in the men's dating niche. Look those people up, and see if you can glean some inspiration They're both making a fortune!
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    In the past I have targeted the dating niche.

    Not for my writing clients, but as a project of my own.

    My online dating advice site is on page one for most key search terms.

    It's a very tough niche to convert in. Sure you get traffic, but apart from horny guys and a few sales of "how to" guides each week, it's NOT a niche joe public wants to spend on, especially females.

    Sure if you get lucky with reputation or got in early it can be lucrative, but you have to approach it as a lifestyle niche for yourself, not a put up content and leave niche.
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    need to add some trigger words for it to work
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    The only copywriters I know who specialize pretty much ONLY in this niche are writers who have their own products (e.g., Chris Haddad). Even still, you might want to further specialize in a TYPE of copy.

    Do you write sales pages?
    Email follow-ups?
    The entire shebang?

    Honestly, I'd pick at least TWO niches and focus a bit more on the type of copy. You'll fare a lot better that way.

    For example, you could say, "I am a VSL copywriter for supplements and dating products." That's going to get you more clients than being a generalist copywriter for the dating niche.

    Best of luck in your copywriting journey!

    Founder, Indiana Direct Response Marketing
    Direct Response Copywriter

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    Hi! I think you need to target people who have been successful in this area.
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