Copywriting Newbie Needs Help From Walkers not Talkers

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Hi Guys/Gals.

Just wanted to say hello and quickly intro myself. And give my reasons for joining.

Ok, so i am keen to learn copywriting, persuassion, salemanship. I have no wrting experience except for writing a few awesome tunes on the old wooden box.
I know SEO, Wordpress and little Clickfunnels (self taught)

However, this has been for family, and doing it for stangers is another thing altogether. Most people in the u.k dont understand the value of advertising and it's become too frustrating. There expectations are set so high. For example they think £500 pm is too much money to advertise there own business against good competiton and would rather rely on "word of mouth" or cheap directories.

I heard a saying "they want the world on a stick for the price of a lollipop" so true.

I want out that small minded world and to build my own income through either through selling people products, crtique other copy etc. All on my own terms, as fast as possible but patient.

So, because I started to find out more about copywriting through my previous experience, I now want to get started.

My current dilema is this:

1) I dont know what the best type copywriting is to master, there are so many specialities, email, direct response, content etc
2) When I know what speciality to learn, who do I learn from? there are experts everywhere?
3)Where do I apply my practice from what I've learned from question 2.
4)How do i get the best feeback to correct mistakes and progress?

I am keen to learn, apply, learn, apply...

p.s I joined here because the facebook groups are just not for me, too many trolls with not alot to say.

p.s.s I am hoping this forum can be a BIG saviour and turn my fortunes around even just a little but so I can build momentum and return the favour.

p.s.s If anyone is looking for an apprentice/student/dogsbody give me a chance.

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    Originally Posted by john 79 View Post

    Hi Guys/Gals.

    Just wanted to say hello and quickly intro myself.
    Hello. And welcome.

    Originally Posted by john 79 View Post

    My current dilema is this:

    1) I dont know what the best type copywriting is to master, there are so many specialities, email, direct response, content etc
    The "best" is a subjective term. For me, the best is Direct Response Copywriting (advertising, sales pages, etc...) pretty much anything that gets people to take action, so I can see measurable feedback as to the effectiveness of my work.

    For someone else, the best is article/content writing. Maybe because they enjoy the prose, and informative style of writing? I don't know. I suppose each individual content writer would need to answer that one for themselves.

    (although, it's been debated ad nauseam as to why "Content writing" is not the same thing as "Copywriting" but that's for a different conversation)

    So the best for you, is whatever you're drawn to, with enthusiasm.

    Originally Posted by john 79 View Post

    2) When I know what speciality to learn, who do I learn from? there are experts everywhere?
    Yes, there are experts everywhere. There are also many self proclaimed gooroos that don't know their butts, from a hole in the ground. (So be careful who you choose as a teacher)

    If it's direct response copy, then AWAI is fairly well respected in the industry (But I've also heard mixed reviews about them as well? So you'll need to decide for yourself if they're right for you)

    The best teacher (in my humble opinion) is you selling something from the written word.

    If it sells, then your skills are good. If it doesn't, then you need more learning.

    As for "content writing" teachers... Not my expertise, so someone else will have to chime in on that one

    Originally Posted by john 79 View Post

    3)Where do I apply my practice from what I've learned from question 2.
    In the marketplace.

    Originally Posted by john 79 View Post

    4)How do i get the best feedback to correct mistakes and progress?
    In the beginning... From your instructor

    In the real world... From the marketplace

    I wish you the best of luck with your adventure into the wonderful world of writing.

    All the best,

    For Copywriters and Content Writers... Copywriters Forum
    - Learn, teach, and share insights on the powerful skill of persuasive writing...

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    A few things...

    By reading your post I first think you are hanging on too much expectation even from a forum.

    You seem to want to hit the grand slam rather than walk bases in terms of advice and what you will find here.

    So here's my honesty..

    I found Copy a month or so ago. Since then I've bought 3 books (with another soon on the way) have printouts and studied some of the greats like the Gary Halbert letters, have read every blog and article possible on all types of info from the foundation of copy, types of copy, freelancing, pricing, specializing versus generalizing, etc...

    In less than 2 weeks I've already built my website and have been practicing what I've learned.

    Within the next 30 days I plan to get my first client after I complete some more spec work.

    For me, I choose to go against most advice and I've decided to specialize early.

    Why? Well simple...

    Generalizing will hurt me long term and give me nothing for my business.

    If I specialize in either a niche market or a specific copy skill, I will become an expert faster.

    You see I want to master a skill, not be a jack of all copy.

    So.. YOU need to decide which copy you're drawn to and what you enjoy or like doing.

    For me it's emails and if you dig enough online you'll see the magical reason why.

    If you enjoy SEO, then you should do web copy and content writing or blogging.

    Not sure how it is in the UK, but maybe old school direct response mail copy would fit.

    Maybe you enjoy landing pages and want to specialize in that.

    As for training. You don't need school or any crazy course.

    Copy is simple.

    You have a very specific foundation of basics. The rest of it is just from practice, consistent learning, and a whole bunch of tips and tricks to make it all come together.

    There's plenty of formulas for copy to get ideas and help you structure your objective for each thing you write.

    Rules: done rely on formulas, don't ever rewrite already done copy in your own words, and learn beyond the basics of writing copy.. meaning there are certain aspects that are extremely important to understand.

    KNOW your customer market intimiately. This is huge.

    KNOW your product or service just as well as the above.

    FOCUS on the benefits, not features.

    WRITE to people's emotions, not their logic.

    ALWAYS produce a call to action.

    Headlines and subject lines are 70% of your copy. Get that down solid!

    Utilize bullets... look it up if you don't know what that means.

    Copy hackers
    Copy blogger

    are three of the sites I tend to find tons of good info.. AWAI gets a bit annoying bc they try to sell their training so often, but the blog is still very useful.

    Make Google your best friend..

    I have found immense amounts of free information to give me what I need. Any keyword of what you want to know plug it in and be a student.

    Look - don't seek perfection.

    Learn what you can, practice, implement, and just get started.

    Only the real world will tell you if you're good enough..

    Not people on a forum.

    You need the real life result of your copy closing on a sale to know how good your writing is.

    So if you have written copy, post it up for opinions, but the true test is out in the marketplace.

    Even I posted a spec work copy email. I didn't get much feedback, but the comments I did receive were in line with my confidence in it.

    Good luck.
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    Hi John

    If you want to allow walkers not talkers into your experience, take a deep breath buddy and feel this statement through:

    p.s.s I am hoping this forum can be a BIG saviour and turn my fortunes around even just a little but so I can build momentum and return the favour.

    No forum, person or piece of advice will save you, heal you, or purge fears you need to purge to align with heart-centered copy coaches and helpful courses and spot on free information. All success flows from within you, to the outside world, based on you feeling and releasing fears, and allowing in fun-loving folks and rocking advice.


    1: Choose copy because you feel highly passionate about writing copy and serving people through your skill.

    ....if #1 is not true, pick a different niche. If it is true....

    2: Follow 1-3 copy icons who do things from fun and service. They can point you in the right direction.

    3: Trawl this forum for copy advice. Take notes. Study the notes.

    4: Write your ass off; as you learn, spend 1-2 hours daily writing offline in a Word doc, to gain copy clarity and confidence

    5: keep working on your mindset - your doubts, fears, need to be felt, and dissolved, slowly and steadily - through deep thinking, meditation, deep yin yoga, whatever.....this step is A1 because all struggles in life have 100% to do with our fears and 0% with the world around us.

    Happy Coping....I mean, Copy-ing hehehehe

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Find people who are already investing in advertising every month.

    Sort for people who are tracking their cost per lead.

    Sort for people who know their Lifetime Customer Value.

    To those people, the investment in your services does not matter from a Pound/Dollar amount. They want to know what impact your work will have on their conversions, and if they are measuring those things they will have a brain and be able to do the math.

    Your price point is low and it has everything to do with who you filter for and who you choose to see.

    Your brain has a thing called the RAS that is filtering millions of bits of data round you down to a couple hundred at any moment.

    Do you think maybe your perfect customer is out there, right next to you, and you've trained your RAS to screen them Out?

    Right now I guarantee you are not looking like, sounding like, acting like the copywriter who appears before those kinds of buyers. That's not to be offensive--it's to show you there's another way and you can grow/retarget quickly.
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  • rn your story says ...

    Yookay maxin' out on a bummer roll regardin' this kinda promo schwango, so ima give myself a hard time.

    So let's switch out on the negative -- cos I see you got (WF PRINCESS BAN ALERT!) plenty inner spunk wantsta fire on out an' smoochie on up with creative an' profitable stuffs to figure MAX HOTSY.

    Point is, if'n you already fixed up stuff for fam, likely you got a reasonable look-in on basic empathy.

    Mosta my relatives deserve nothin' less than ultimate demise, tellya

    Likely you ain't said nuthin' like hey granpa I know you ain't got no teeth left in yr face so why not I bite up stuff forya, an' pass it over in a moosh like Momma Bird to Baby Bird?

    Ha! I say THAT to my granpa, he prolly punch me flat out in the chops.

    Point 'bout strangers is how they aint ever so much diffrent to the people we figure sweet up close.

    Only thing stoppin' 'em from lookin' in on us while we look in on them is positive regard for their situation allied to any shit we got prolly gonna help 'em out.

    tbh that is the flux rocks the bux -- so I would wanna figure mebbe alla them strangers ain't so strange ... an' if you got sumthin' they value, help 'em out by makin' an offer, same as fam.

    Plenty fam people don't step out much or do much for the genetically similar weirdos they got in their immediate groop -- an' I will be makin' my representations to the appropriate celestial authorities to count me in on the FREE FLAMETHROWER FOR KIDS offer next time ima reincarnated, in order to protect my ass from their dumbdown trudge -- so your wanna wanna outlook is a plus.

    Keep that broad WANNA HELP outlook -- refine the specifics.

    Prolly you lucky you don't gotta be trained up on the WANNA HELP deal cos that takes like forevah.

    Tellya, deossifyin' boneheads is like takin' alla the blood you can't ever squeeze outta a stone an' hosepipin' it sumplace figures bein' anyways porous is a weakness gonna unleash Ragnarok from outta the trap.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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