Sales Page Help - Made A Few Changes And Now Down To 0 Sales!

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Hello everyone!

First off I'm new to Internet Marketing since I just started learning it in January.

I have made a course that is based on organic methods of how to grow Instagram accounts fast without spending any money on fake followers, power likes or shoutouts. The course was doing fairly well with 0 refunds (46 sales), but it had a short sales copy and very bad Promo video.. So I changed them up and added a few bonuses (private label rights courses) as well as a few more pictures.

That was 7 days ago, I have gotten 0 sales since then. My traffic source is Facebook ads through Instagram stories. ROI before the changes was 2.5X and now I'm afraid that I will get to the point where I'll be losing money if I don't fix this. I'm very resistant of putting back the old and ugly video, but if push comes to shove I will.

Teachable as a platform isn't very flexible to do split testing but I can figure it out and put back the old page.

Here is the link to the sales page:

I was thinking about adding more images where progress of accounts is being compared. ( Sentence removed as 'promotional' by mod).

I see a lot of areas for improvement just need some pointers. I'm eager to learn so do not worry about offending me or sugarcoating anything.

Thank you in advance!

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    "how to grow Instagram accounts fast without spending any money on fake followers, power likes or shoutouts." - to me, this pitches your product better than most of what you have on the sales page...not that I know what power likes are, but it convinces me you're the expert and comes across as "real"

    And stop focusing so much on what you think/feel about your own sales page/content/videos...ultimately, it's the visitors who vote...with their wallets...personally, I'd keep the shittiest videos on the planet (as perceived by yours truly) on my sales pages if the roi indicated they worked.
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      Thank you for your reply, I'm starting to see that there is no place for my own emotions or what I think is right when it comes to marketing. Only testing seems to give proper information to make adjustments on. Will split test the page with the old video and adjust the headline. Do you think compared to price is ok? For some time I put compared to at $199 and sales stopped again. I figured it's because since people don't see huge savings, they are less likely to buy.. not sure if that's true or not since sample size was fairly small.
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