What is the best way to automate sales for my copywriting business?

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Hey guys,

Thanks for having me here. I run a copywriting business in Germany. Up to this point we got all of our clients from doing a research on Google, then putting contact data from the website into a Google spreadsheet and then sending cold mails (with personalising the salutation), introducing our service.

Most times we sell blog posts/content marketing to SMB. Cause it's something everyone knows and everyone needs, the sales cycle is usually very short. The target audience is very broad.

The research and sending personalised emails takes a lot of time though, for which i want to automate as many tasks as possible. Right now i see two options to automate research and prospecting.

1.Cold Mailing

a. Use a scrape tool to search for relevant companies on google and scrape the email addresses, company name and CEO from their websites (ideally the tool only scans for websites that already have a blog) and puts it in a spreadsheet.

Question: Which scrape tool is best to use?

b. Then putting the data from the spreadsheet into an email marketing tool, that automatically personalises the email and puts the company/ceo name right in the salutation. Ideally a tool where i can automatically set up follow-up mails, track the responses and do A/B testing

Questions: Which email tool do you guys recommend?

So the goal is, i put a google search like "health care blog berlin" in the tool and get out a bunch of personalised emails sent out to these companies.


I've already found some nice stuff on how to build a huge LinkedIn network within short time and scrape the email adresses from relevant people. Has anyone experience with this?

Any suggestions on this or strategies how to do it even better? How would you guys get the customers here? I'd appreciate any bit of advice.

Thanks, Simon
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