How does one actually get in with direct marketing agencies?

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never mind
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    I tried to apply to some direct marketing agencies a while back but they didn't take me on for freelance copywriting work. My portfolio is almost entirely online based. Most clients don't send me results but I had some winners on clickbank including small to midsized category leaders.

    I'm thinking of just offering to try to beat one of their controls for free. No pretenses of being an experienced jedi copywriter if I go with that angle. I'll position myself as an eager outsider looking to prove his worth. My thinking is that even if I come up short, I'll still be closer to eventually winning some high value clients as they will see how my work performs.

    Curious what you guys think or would do different. Given my personality and portfolio, a pitch that doesn't require massive value projection from the start would be preferable.
    What is your idea of a direct marketing agency?

    See, today, you are at a forum where the guy running the place (supposedly), has been offering training to start an "agency" for months now.

    A guy from WF calling himself an agency is a bit different than a company actually selling products to people in the real world.

    As to your personality and portfolio, and this only from your 500+ posts here at WF, you are all over the place. Scattered. Jumping around from thing to thing.

    If your copy success has been at Clickbank, then you should target Clickbank marketing "agencies" (whatever), then try them.

    You think your offer to beat one of their controls for "FREE" is a good idea? First, it wouldn't be free to them, there are expenses attached to running a split test, a new promotion and very few, very, very, very, very few companies would be willing to accept your free offer.

    But feel free to make it. See what happens.

    Real marketing agencies hire tested and proven copywriters, there is a book, a Rolodex they can choose from. You would be better off competing with the 46,695 copywriters at Upwork or Freelancer, or more likely for your skill level, at Fiverr.

    And you have some fuzzy thinking about if you fail to do what you say you can do, that is, if you can't beat a control, then you have damaged your reputation.

    But to answer your quesation without judgement (or any more of it), you need to use your so-called copywriting skills and send a real letter to the "agency" and utilizing your very best copy, get them to respond to you. Failure to do that, and it shows you are not ready to make that move.

    Write a letter (a promotion) to the agency, sell yourself, get a response and go from there.


    PS. Although better advice for you would be to FOCUS on being a copywriter, if that is what you want, rather than the 101 questions you've asked about a multitude of subjects.
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    Originally Posted by Delta223 View Post

    never mind
    You are welcome for what was THE answer to your question. Tested and proven by those who really want to get an agency for a client. So, you are welcome for that. The rest, no need for thanks, just some free advice, which is what you get at the WF.

    Please pursue your dreams, which ever one you decide upon.

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