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Right so im going to post this once again. My post got deleted because apparentely my question was too vague which is a very strange reason for deleting a post.

Its a simple straight forward question. But ill rephrase it and make it more simple.

Are there internet marketers who create fake VSL story lines? Like a random creative story they made up. Or is it a real story exaggerated with copywriting skills triggers words etc???

For example if you had lots of different products in differet niches and you want to create an awesome VSL but dont really have your own story line. How would you go about this? This is also about integrity. Does making up a storyline go against morals and integrity. This is what has beenon my mind for the last few days

I would appreciate some opinions. Thanks
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    My post got deleted because apparentely my question was too vague which is a very strange reason for deleting a post.
    Not strange at all - vague questions can't be answered well and attract spam comments.

    "VSL story line" - do you mean 'virtual story line' as in 'make up a story'?

    Do some marketers exaggerate or outright lie about their personal story, their product, their success? Sure they do - happens in sales of all kinds.

    Each person decides where his own 'ethical' line is. Is that what you are asking?
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      thanks for your response, yeah i guess youve answered my question. I want to be able to keep my integrity and at the same time still have a extremely powerful VSL. i guess the whole point in a VSL is to get people to buy period.

      As long as I have amazing content in my book or product im selling and its going to help people.

      if I do make up a story i wont feel comfortable in using my own name. ill just see it as an advertising story to sell my book.
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  • Thing to remember with any kinda promo is how the communicative slickness gotta be matched by underlyin' fitness for purpose on the part of the product or service.

    So if sum guy comes up to you an' offers you THE FASTEST RACEHORSE EVAH for $1000 ...

    an' then the horse loses race after race ...

    like all the other horses you subsequently discover the guy has sold ...

    gotta figure you perfectly entitled to wanna punch that guy in the chops.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Most of the top controls make their profits off of made up people and stories. By the way, it's not shades of grey; using fake stories and people are illegal, unless you transparently reveal it's an actor portrayal.

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      where does it say its illegal?? just out of curiosity. every clickbank product ive seen that ranks the top 10 you can clearly see are over exaggerated if not made up with fake names. theres no sign to say its a story on the vsl. on tv commercials when do they ever mention that all the characters are made up
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    Almost every commercial on T.V. is made up.

    You know of any real guy that goes around and blows up stuff for an insurance company?

    Know any bears that drink Coke?

    Know who that guy is that lives on some farm in the Midwest and drives that Dodge truck while some patriotic song plays in the background? And his wife is beautiful and all the kids are just angels and then the dog...just melts your heart and has you running to the nearest truck dealer buying two of them and wanting them to throw in a wife and kids and dog like on the commercial.

    ...on and on...

    Songs are made up and yet they change peoples lives.

    Movies (most) are made up and yet they change peoples lives...and also sell a ton load of crap sometimes, and often set new trends.

    Yes, stuff is made up all the time and if it was illegal most big businesses would be sitting somewhere trying to come up with tools to tunnel out of someplace like Alcatraz.

    However, if you're trying to sell a new diet pill that lets a person gain 132 pounds by just sitting on the beach all day...and you tell a story about Billy that actually did this...and you claim it's a true could get called out.

    Having said all that, there's no denying the fact that true stories are super spectacular at selling products. If you have a true story to tell you're ahead of the game.

    I've never made up anything to advertise something. Not even about that UFO that abducted the chihuahua...
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      true. i was thinking exactly the same thing about tv commercials
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    Just watermark "Dramatization" on the bottom corner and tell a story, or you can find a third party whove used your product and get an honest story. Personally I like to take inforamtion in comments, emails (post sale), and anywhere else surrounding the product and build a story around real events/comments in a generic fashion but a great place to get the heartbeat of your product is right from the customer themselves . Your customers or other peoples (i.e. read reviews, comments, etc from your competition to drum up ideas... it's like yahoo once said in a slogan... we log into you!
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  • Most feel they must hype their product up.

    And the audience grimaces and groans - "noooo, more wonder nonsense stuff..."

    So, you can do better by hyping it down (but still proving as if in the supreme court, that their thing is actually top notch).

    And the good people start nodding in agreement- "now then this might actually work, lets give it a shot."

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  • Gotta figure what is gowin' on here is how we all shinin' sum light on the sweet spot where rock solid truth meets momentarily invitorial fancy.

    Sumplace between smackin' these two flints togethah, prolly you got maxo scope for transformative Sparky, I guess.

    Take my panties, for example.

    Baseline, they offer comfort, warmth & security, an' serve as modesty enhancers in the event of sum way stoopid dog tearin' my skirt off.

    Truth is, less'n you a caveperson, undergarments got intrinsic value in most progressive civilizations.

    (An' for guys, same deal mebbe reads "they offer comfort, warmth & security, an' serve as bulge-enhancin' FORCEFIELDS in the event of sum way stoopid dog desprit for srs SAUSAGE MEAT."

    But is this the same as sayin' ...


    kinda like my SVELTSIES brand panties offah me sumthin' way more exotic than if I cut holes in a sack an' stride off into the mall seekin' adventure?

    Hey, yeah, cos I feel so good in these babies, mebbe I wanna smile more?

    Bottom line is ... buncha stoopid fabric dyed sum random color you pull up round your fanj an' ass.

    Allyin' this earthsily essential IDGAF to sum shimmerin' horizon far off it is possible to touch ... only in SVELTSIES ... prolly works as a script for most anythin'.

    Kinda Voracious Solution Lifeline.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I have much more clarity now. thanks for all of your responses
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