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Hey Warriors... I was starting off with fb ads but I do not have a firm grip over copywriting... What can I do to become great at it.....??
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  • Hellor Anshul,
    Originally Posted by Anshul Grover View Post

    Hey Warriors... I was starting off with fb ads but I do not have a firm grip over copywriting... What can I do to become great at it.....??
    Practice baby, Practice!

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    Don't worry about becoming great at it. Focus on becoming profitable. Start with matching the right offer to the right person. Basic copy can be profitable for that.
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    You can copy images or theme that are permitted otherwise try to avoid copying even texts. To become great, learn essentials of copywriting over the Internet.
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    Hi Anshul...copywriting is so important! It's a great skill to learn, because it applies to any aspect of marketing. If you don't want to do all the writing yourself, you can hire a copywriter to save time.

    Are you wanting to learn the basics? There's a lot of great free content on copy basics in blogs and on YouTube. Just do free studying at first. Copywriters are quite persuasive and next thing you know you'll be signed up for some $1000 course haha.

    A few places to check out:; Hubspot's blog ; KopywritingKourse; DigitalMarketer's blog. (DigitalMarketer also has an affordable subscription plan and a lot of great training on the customer value journey, so you can get a good feel for how to decide on the concept you want to cover in your copy -- whether a FB ad, or email, or landing page, or whatever.) Also, AWAI specializes in copy training...but they will be pushing you to buy.

    While you're looking, sign up for their emails and look up their Facebook ads. Start saving ads you find compelling as you scroll through your facebook feed. You can even create folders in Facebook now, so you can save posts in different categories. (I have one called "ad swipe file." It contains ad posts I've saved to be inspired by later!).

    In addition: google books on copywriting and get the ones copywriters recommend. If you like to learn visually, there are inexpensive courses on Udemy, and platforms like that.

    Like someone else here said: Practice, practice, practice. It's one thing to understand the concepts and an entirely different thing to execute a project!

    Hope that helps!
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      thanks for great advice. DonĀ“t you have also any recommendations where you can get your first clients? Start your own blog/ write some exemplary content and then sending it to different people who may be interested seems like a plan to me but maybe there are much more efficient paths?

      Thanks for your valuable insights once again!
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    Hi there, only one way to get good at anything and that is, as others have said, practice. I would also learn from the courses and sites mentioned. If you want you can look up 'the Gary Halbert letter'. Good copy writing there.

    When you get a good piece of copy, copy it out lots of times. Try to find where the writer is and how they are bringing the customer into alignment with the action they want them to take.

    See how the piece is broken down with subheadings. Each paragraph or group of following the subheading and relating to it.

    Eventually by writing the copy out, by hand you will get to understand more and develop your own take on the sales letter.
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