Do income screenshots UN-sell *software* products?

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Hello, fellow Warriors!

I'm about to sell a piece of software in the "internet marketing" niche.

The product works well. If someone uses it properly, they should genuinely expect to generate more income from their online business.

But my question is:

Should I use any "money screenshots" (real of course)?

Or will they "un-sell" the product?

There are some pieces of software with salespages that show income "proof" - but honestly, most of them look totally fake to anyone other than a rank beginner - and they make the sales message sleazy.

I noticed that really legit businesses that sell business-to-business software, don't make any income claims.

Instead, their entire pitch is basically "This software program will automate this process for you, which is proven to help you build a profitable business."

What do you think?

Thanks in advance!
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    Originally Posted by perneali45 View Post

    I'm about to sell a piece of software in the "internet marketing" niche.
    If you're "about to sell" the software, you won't have any money screenshots to show. If you've already sold some, use testimonials rather than screenshots.

    But whatever you do, I'd recommend you come up with something a little more enticing than this:

    "This software program will automate this process for you, which is proven to help you build a profitable business."
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  • Can I also throw in here "if someone uses it properly"?

    Sounds like alongside the actschwl product you got, there might be sum SUPER SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE you gotta have to REAP THE BENEFITS.

    Tellya, evry time I pull on my panties, I know EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO.

    For sure, I don't wanna be holdin' 'em out in fronta me, lookin' in on their color an' shape an' feel an' thinkin' ... this for keepin' mosquitoes offa cupcakes, or is there a LASER EYES RABBIT hangin' out sumplace I gotta BLINDFOLD before it blitzes the planet?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    IMO I think a sales page that looks fake will un-sell your product more than a genuine page that actually shows what it is capable of.
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    Would you buy from someone that shows proof of income?

    I never in my life did. It seems to me that someone who does that tries to prove something it's not real. Quality speaks for itself, that's why big brands don't need to showcase financial success.

    It's also immoral (maybe even illegal) to make financial claims, as far as I know. You can't promise someone they will make X amount of money or lose X amount of weight with your product, since there are a lot of factors to consider.

    Even if your clients use your product how you instruct them, step by step, they can still make less money than you. A slight error and it changes everything.

    Get reviews from your clients and let them showcase their success with your product.
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    It's like most things online - pop-ups, banner carousels, whiteboard "videos", etc. - It works with some people and turns others off.

    I've never put proof of income in anything but I suppose that if I felt compelled to, a video showing you logging into an account (PayPal, for instance) and the income would be far more believable than screenshots.
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