Steps to Follow After You Got Your First Client

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Hello beautiful people! I hope you're having a highly productive day.

I have a very important request and I hope you can help me with your experience in the copywriting field. But first, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story.

I'm Laura, from Argentina, and my partner (Federico) and I are probably the hippiest copywriters in this group. We decided to leave our ordinary lives to start travelling and getting to know this world with our own eyes. We've been travelling for a year and a half so far doing volunteering jobs, learning a lot about lots of things, and we'd love to continue as long and far as we can.

That's how we came across this excellent idea of copywriting (after trying things like selling crafts, food or even fruit juice at the beach), which allows us to work as freelancers while travelling. Even though we never studied marketing or publicity or anything related (I was a lifeguard and a special education teacher and Federico works as a translator), we both love reading and writing a lot and we felt that we could make this work for us. First of all, we decided that we wanted to work with small and not-so-small businesses engaged in selling products or services that are eco-friendly, truly healthy, and non-disposable and that have sustainability as the main value, since those are the things we believe in, and we want to provide our grain of sand from that perspective.

So we started doing courses online, reading lots of books, blogs and all the information we could find about copywriting, marketing, selling, etc. (in English and Spanish). We also started practising with hypothetical clients, rewriting websites, writing email marketing, etc. We now think we're ready to start practising at another level, which means that we'd like to help small businesses free of charge so as to learn one of the most important parts of copywriting: dealing with clients.

Therefore, this is my request (sorry that I made this so long): could you please give me some advice on what are the steps after you have a client? Do you interview the client via skype? What questions do you usually ask? How do you usually handle clients in general?

Looking forward to reading all your pieces of advice.

Thank you for reading me, I truly appreciate your help
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    Originally Posted by laura85 View Post

    Therefore, this is my request (sorry that I made this so long): could you please give me some advice on what are the steps after you have a client?

    Do you interview the client via skype? What questions do you usually ask? How do you usually handle clients in general?
    Looking forward to reading all your pieces of advice.
    Thank you for reading me, I truly appreciate your help
    First thing, you don't have a client yet, do you? So what you are asking, from what I can tell is how to FIND clients, is this correct?

    I'll give you the secret. FREE. Right now. Yet 99 out of 100 would be copywriters get it wrong, very wrong.

    Here goes: getting clients is ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM.

    I could get long winded, I'll let others do that.

    What do you and your partner bring to the table for those small businesses? WHAT exactly will you do for them? How?

    Once you know the VALUE you have, it is easy to approach businesses who want, need and PAY FOR that value.

    Good luck to you.

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    Originally Posted by laura85 View Post

    Looking forward to reading all your pieces of advice.
    1. When writing anything, put a blank line after each paragraph. Most people recoil at the prospect of reading a big "glob" of text.

    2. What Gordon said.

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  • ...and don't write for free.

    The copy may be spellbinding but psychologically clients won't realise it or even use it cos the cost was worthless.

    (and will you really have the relentless commitment to study the art of copywriting and continually make the incredible effort to produce exceptional copy without any money)

    If you don't want upfront fees - you could work on a results basis.

    As you are targeting "ethical" clients - the hope is they'll be trustworthy and pay you.

    What do you say when you get a client?

    Ask all the relevant questions about their business.

    Open ended questions which start with...

    What, When, How, Why, Where...

    And tell them (try and show and prove) how you'll do everything you can to -

    Do what all clients want.

    Consistently increase their sales, revenues and profits.

    Whilst making their business exceptionally client friendly where it really is a joy to buy from them.

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    Hi, laura85. First off, since you are in very nice beach type area's of the world, I would approach local business people. Meet and greet. Ask relevant questions about how their business is doing and what kind of advertising they use. Then let them know that you write sales copy, and see if they would let you take a look at what they are doing.

    Form there you should be able to provide good free advice to help them grow their business. This would be a good time to give them a business card with your phone number, website and email address.

    Do that with enough businesses, you just might get a few clients. Once you get the client, and do a really great job for them have them give you a testimonial. Video is the best.
    And do follow the excellent advice above this post.

    BTW, @Steve the Copywriter, your signature line is a 404 error.
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      Thanks, I'll definitely do that. Costa Rica is a great place to start.
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  • @wratco2

    Oh no not technical stuff - I've successfully avoided it for decades.

    404 may be my lucky number.

    But my sig line seems to be ok for me (although I'm not altogether sure what it is).

    No idea what to do if its not working for anyone else.


    P.S. Hopefully a helpful marketing hint for Laura - don't tell clients you have total superhero talents - they probably won't believe it - and it's a touch difficult to live up to - so, always admit to a "flaw."

    e.g. "I can write great copy but know nothing about interweb coding"
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      Originally Posted by Steve The Copywriter View Post


      Oh no not technical stuff

      But my sig line seems to be ok for me (although I'm not altogether sure what it is).
      Seems to to be working fine. No 404 on my end, in the Classic view. I don't wade into the Modern view since it is garbage !
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      Thank you, and don't worry, I wouldn't say that I have "supercopy" talents. I'm just starting lol. I'll be honest and moderate, you know.. trying not to lose self-confidence, I need it more than ever.
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    ...and don't write for free.
    Freebies are a no-no

    Damn right about the next part.

    I'd suggest that you always have a good rapport with your client.

    Keep them informed. Because what happens to a writer usually is they go AWOL. And the client is left thinking where'd he go? So keep them informed, even a small message on the progress is good.
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      Thank you! a very practical piece of advice for a beginner.
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    I do all with clients thru email by:

    - asking them what they want
    - getting clear on what I offer

    But I moved from client stuff toward passive income recently.

    Just Zoom or email them asking what they want and sharing what you offer. Solve and prosper.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Invest in my blogging course to live your wildest dreams through blogging.
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  • tbh I endeavor always to avoid sayin'

    hey now we got sum srs sh*t gowin' on your promo, what say you tattoo my deets on your forehead so's evrywan lookin' in on your Transformatively Evident Swanky can max out on the available FUN?

    I try not to kiss people also, bcs that is jus' weird.

    Las' thing you wanna see as a testimoaniyewl is ...

    "She rocked our operation overnight, but sadly all our profits were consumed by the fees we subsequently shelled out to construction companies whose hardcore mining gear could cope with hacking deep into the ballistically applied lipstick strata she inflicted upon our corporate ass."

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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      I didn't get a thing of what you wrote (except for the "try not to kiss people's ass" part), but thank you for your reply!
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    After I got myself a client, I already know what I am supposed to do with them.

    Before I go after clients, I will do research on their business and see if there's a way I can bring them any value. Then I create an initial plan what I would do and contact them.

    When I get to talk with them more about their problems and issues, I get to offer my solutions for them if it's something I can already do or am willing to find out for them.

    Transparency and communications are probably the best tools in working together with clients. Keep them informed all the time and be available for them as much as possible. If you want to keep clients for longterm, you need to keep their business as a priority always. Show them that you understand their business.
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