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Anywan else got a SWIPE FILE?

Yanno ... that Deepo Secrets repository fulla stuffs you nevah look in on till'n you STUCK?

Tellya, like most copy persons, I been collectin' these sweeties from ALL OVAH.

An' it is troo ... occasionally I get STUCK -- an' I look in on my Swipes Library, feelin' cool with myself how I set up this failsafe for when my braino is all kinda DON'T WANNA.

Weirdest thing is, when I am minded to fall back on said THEFT-DERIVED RESOURCE, kinda feels to Moi like an archaeological dig.


Flesh don't actschwlly evah do that whole UNDEAD thing.

You got bones hangin' out in deep strata, they gowin' NOPLACE.

Ain't the thing 'bout swipes how you gotta input your own smarts to make anythin' srs happen?

Cos'n you can't jus' WRITE THE F*CKERS ON OUT bcs that be PLAGIARISM?

So here is my point.

At what stage in your interaction with your swipes -- exhumed from the dead for the purpose of breathin' eternal life into the momentary present -- do you EDIT 'EM ... make 'em YOUR OWN?

An' what is alla that sh*t about?

That is why I would wish for a moment to posit -- for copy persons worldwide (or merely up their own ass) -- the existence of the idc File.

It ain't got nuthin' in it, nevah.

No previously existent anystuffs from offa which to spark.

Can't evah be saved noplace, or summoned from outta wherevah.

Thing is, whenevah you open out its contents, howevah you choose so to do, nouveau sweats drip from offa your flesh.


Best part is, nowan gotta be SO TROOLY INSPIRED BY BALESTRA they gotta set up a dummy idc File on their COMPYOODOIR in which they fully intend to store NUTHIN'.

tbh that would constitoot the weirdsiest swipe evah.
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  • Yes.

    Got a swipe file brimming with all my favourite Ads from so many.

    Can't use it per se.

    So its for inspiration, adaptation and an ace way of banging out new ideas.

    Type those out for present and future gigs.

    Good to know you have the (c).

    Comes in very handy swiping from your very own swipes.

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    Can't nevah get whupped if'n you've previously swupped, I guess.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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