The Organization of a Copywriter

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The creative process is like the Big Bang.

At first, it's complete chaos.


The chaos starts becoming ideas.

Now, for me, I always say I'm like a chef in the kitchen.

Anyone who has ever cooked... knows... you have to take ALL of your ingredients...

And put them together, just right, for the meal to pop.

Just like a digital sales funnel...

Your meal has to pop from your appetizer to dessert...

Just like you have to GRAB prospects from ad to upsell.

Again, for me, ZERO organization can't even remotely come together...

Until I've isolated the mechanism...

Or what makes it work for anyone (who can identify with the problem).

For instance, I do a ton of health and supplement copy.

I recently did an upsell for the product PURE... from Organifi.

I was working directly with the company on their science.

The problem was...

The substantiation they had for their hero ingredient, Lion's Mane, didn't give the company any right to make the claims they did.

The main claim being...

How Lion's Mane can increase healthy communication between the 1st and 2nd brains.

I gave them a week to get their science together.


So, I took over the research process, which admittedly, wasn't part of my job in this particular project. (I was to be supplied with everything I need to make my claims.)

After I spent hours on the research, I couldn't find anything to substantiate the hook for the product (with a mechanism).

No mechanism, no way your campaign will ever stand up in court, if scrutiny ends up coming your way.

I almost gave up, until I FINALLY asked the right question:

You see, when you stimulate the Vagus Nerve, it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

I realized I was looking too hard for a direct mechanism.

That's when I backed off, and refocused my efforts on WHAT Lion's Mane is doing inside of the gut... that COULD possibly have a stimulating effect on the Vagus Nerve.

It turns out that Lion's Mane helps regrow new nerve growth inside of the gut.

And it's THIS mechanism that has a stimulatory effect on the Vagus Nerve. (Thus potentially assisting the nerve in more optimally communicating neurotransmitters from the 2nd brain... to the 1st brain... much more healthfully.)

Then, the host of other ingredients in PURE become more like bonuses. They support the Hero Ingredient in working more effectively.

Thus, my research with the remaining ingredients was all about communicating how the main mechanism is supported by them.

Again, just like a chef in the kitchen, I had to get all of the ingredients together... to make the best possible meal.

It took sifting through a ton of chaos... to reach organization and effective copy.

Sure, there is a TON of steps I'm leaving out.

But I wanted to put this out there.

I've been coaching copywriters on the whole mechanism method for the majority of 2019, and for some reason, it's harder for some people to get... than others.

But once you harness the power of MECHANISM...

You can write a 15 second television commercial...

Or a 2 hour direct response webinar.

Everything comes into focus...

Once the mechanism is absolutely clear.

Likewise, without the mechanism, it's very difficult to properly position your campaign (or client's campaigns) at just the right resonance.


The next time you start writing your next campaign...

The first question you should ask yourself is:

"What IS the mechanism? How does this work... for me?"

-Mark Pescetti

P.S. There's a real art and science to isolating (and positioning) the mechanism... even in a dating product... or make money online offer. But it always starts with... asking the right questions. The wrong questions might turn out great copy, but it's like an inert bomb; it doesn't blow up... or in this case... doesn't convert.
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