Where to start with my first VSL?

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I'm selling a marketing package to mlm client i plan to use whiteboard. My idea is to charge around $400-$500 then $300 monthly.

I just don't know the rules of writing your own Video sales letter from scratch?

Any advice & tips will be greatly appreciated

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    Originally Posted by JeffDC89 View Post

    I just don't know the rules of writing your own Video sales letter from scratch?
    Start with the same basic rules for writing any other kind of sales letter...

    1. Understand the product you're selling, inside and out

    2. Uncover a unique hook that separates you and your product from everyone else selling the same (or similar) things

    3. Understand the people you're selling to, and understand what they're looking for to improve their lives (this should actually be number 1)

    4. Figure out how to tie your product into what your audience already needs, or wants

    5. Start writing - using words that resonate with your target audience

    6. Edit, polish, and rearrange the writing until it flows smoothly, from the headline to the final call to action

    7. Synchronize your script with your video images

    8. Get your offer in front of your target audience and see what happens

    9. After enough eyeballs see your offer, look at your numbers and adjust (message, market, medium) as needed, until you get acceptable conversion rates (or until you decide it's a dead horse and its time to move on to something else)

    There's a bit more to it than this, and every item on this list can be broken down into multiple, more detailed actions. But I feel like it would just overwhelm and confuse you if I gave you anything more than a rough draft at this point in your journey.

    Another option would be for you to open up your wallet and hire a professional to help you get started.

    Paying someone to do the things you're not proficient at will free up your time to do the things that you do best. And that way you can move your business ahead much faster than trying to do everything yourself.

    So the question is... Which do you have more of to spare? Time or money?

    You don't need to give me your answer. Just answer it for yourself and then act accordingly.

    Good luck with your venture...

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