Anyone in this niche?

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Hey guys,

Is anyone in the copywriting niche for renewable/alternative energy? How did you land your first client and what are the typical projects in that niche?
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    I wrote a lot of clean energy content. I created blog posts, email sequences, and even industry events reviews. I worked with small and big companies. I wrote for installation companies, non-profit organizations, and governmental organizations as well.

    I landed my first client with Fiverr. Otherwise, I used Facebook Ads, cold emailing, and social media marketing. I also asked my current clients to refer me.

    Expect to write anything from tweets to case studies.

    I wrote web copy, email marketing content, and brochures.

    You'll also need to research on legal issues surrounding clean energy, watch out for industry news as they happen, and understand the difference between solar energy technologies.

    It's a fascinating niche to be writing for.

    I'm a content writer on Fiverr, use my services.

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      Thanks a lot expont! There just seemed to be no info online about this niche so I was just curious if it's a valid niche at all lol. Were all of your projects on this niche from fiverr or did you get some offline clients?
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        Originally Posted by twranks View Post

        Thanks a lot expont! There just seemed to be no info online about this niche so I was just curious if it's a valid niche at all lol. Were all of your projects on this niche from Fiverr or did you get some offline clients?
        Not only valid but lucrative.

        You must take massive action. For example:

        You must let clients know you exist and you can provide value to them.

        At some point, I had to go out and find solar energy companies in my area and surrounding areas to pitch them.

        I got a few clients that way. By simply showing up, by asking for work, and by being there.

        Granted, I had to show them my previous work so I can build trust.

        It's not impossible. It takes guts tho...

        Don't wait for clients to find you, go to them.

        I'm a content writer on Fiverr, use my services.

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    I do solar lead gen for companies its basically a qualification style funnel via clickfunnels with traffic from Facebook ads.
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    It's a super competitive industry. I started 12 years ago. I really don't know how people can break into the market when there hundreds of thousands of them are available in India. Don't get me wrong. I know you are specialised. But even that niche is over-fished by those countries.
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    Of course, you need to start by showcasing your writing skills in that niche. writing articles and having them posted on directories will give you a good reference to what you can do. All you will need to do is to send the links to your potential customers and lots of work will flow in your direction.
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    You need to hope for a big project. Start small and you will understand whether you can handle this kind of work.
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    no info online about this niche so

    Google: 150 million results for 'renewable energy' and 600 million for alternative energy. no info?

    Are you asking about 'copywriting' (writing designed to sell) or about content writing?

    I've written over 500 long articles (1500 word) articles on energy topics. You have to do the research - learn the subject so you know what to write about - and you must be able to write in an interesting and/or compelling way.

    You can 'break into' any market if you are a good writer and knowledgeable in the niche you write about. If there is competition, it means there are customers in that niche.
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