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Hi all, i have a custom Facebook audience of about 3000, i want to build a list from it, how best can i craft my ad copy to have them opt into my mailing list.
Thanks in advance
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    The best way is to create a pdf lead magnet according to the niche, then create fb lead ads and let them get the book.

    You will use some tools like zapier and there by having the leads go directly to your autoresponder.

    On fb you can even have a one time offer presented to them so that you recoup back your investment, this can be a clickbank offer, affiliate offer or Your own product.

    So far this is the cheapest way of getting the leads into your autoresponder.

    The click ads on FB work but its not as good as above mentioned strategy.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Thank You

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      Thanks for the insight as i was planing to use click ad
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    Remember to do split test on your ads, on your lead magnet page, or any other are that need to do split test. Is really important, and is common to lose money at the start if you are new, so don't give up too fast until you get the right ads.

    Remember keep testing, testing and testing. There is no perfect ads or lead page.
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