Request for feedback: How is the copy on my Homepage?

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Hey Everyone,

I have two websites that I recently updated with new copy and I could use some feedback/advice/suggestions.

The sites are:

panic and anxiety center

Xbox 360 Pro Fix

Thanks everyone
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    Hi buddy - I'm not an expert so this is just my humble opinion. Your Xbox offer looks more straight forward & easier to see whats on offer & how you intend to make money. Have another look at your Panic Away links to see if you could improve on it & make it tidier... Hope others will contribute & offer you further feedback.
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    Overall good effort.

    I would introduce the product sooner and would not leave the image on the bottom of the page. Add something else on the bottom like PS, PPS, PPPS.

    Make more calls to buy, at least one, and put it below the image of the product not above.

    Blue letters in the menu and in headers in the copy are the same color as background and the two blend to much, I would much lightened the background , just a tint of blue, test it.

    Your main header in red: move "From" to the bottom line. Can make all headers in the copy also red to create sense of urgency and to contrast with blue theme.

    Get rid of the links from your copy to other articles - you don't want people to leave the sales page to read the article on your site, do you? It's good for SEO but not for selling in this case, guide them to your desired action instead of distracting them.

    In testimonials do " Name, Town, State" instead of the name alone - makes huge difference in people relating to existing product users.

    I would make the doctors review a number 1 not 3 and would actually make it a huge point with much bigger image. Professional endorsements work like magic they need to be visible.

    All best
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    My daughter has had chronic panic attacks since she was 9 years old. We have tried numerous methods and nothing has helped, at least not long term. From that perspective, the feedback I can give you on your site is this:

    It it content rich - That is very important because my daughter will spend hours looking at sites, trying to find information to help her feel better and dismiss her most common fears during an attack, those being that she is A). Dying B). Going Crazy
    Your site has good information on symptoms.

    I would imagine that many folks are like my daughter and they do searches DURING a panic attack. At times, it can be overwhelming to read a lot of text, hard to concentrate. I think the audio testimonials are a good thing. Sometimes they can be just to distracted to read a lot of text.

    All in all, I think the content is excellent. I can't speak for the technicalities of web design, but will say that this is something I will pass on to my daughter.

    Hope something I have said is helpful to you.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with David Wolman 100%. Definitley get rid of the links to other pages. You never wanta potential buyer to leave your page for something else. You can blog for that sort of thing. Also I didn't see a price anywhere at all so the 50% dicount at the end really doean't mean much and when you click on the link it took me to a totally differnet page. If someone clicks and is ready to buy they need to get to that page immediately. If you take them to another sales page you will lose them for sure. They are ready to buy when they click on that link. Make sure you get them to the proper page.
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    Hey everyone thanks for your replies. I'm going to be making a few of these adjustments to my sites and see how they do.
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      Not all visitors know to scroll to the bottom to find the ultiamte link. You might want to get them to that link sooner.
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        I think the most important response you have gotten so far is SellItLikeItIs's.

        I have a loved one who has been emotionally crippled by panic/anxiety attacks, and there is something very important to recognize about this market. Specifically, the reason they are online looking at information, and may well be in the mood to buy.

        Your selling message is directed to someone looking, at long last, coldly, clearly, and analytically, for a solution to their problem, which they have thought rationally about and understand clearly.

        Their buying motivation is very different, and somewhat more direct: they feel like they are going to die, NOW, and want to know it's going to be okay.

        I don't know for sure, but I suspect the huge majority of people who see such a site who are also in a buying mindset, are currently, or have VERY recently suffered the terrifying and debilitating symptoms of a panic/anxiety attack.

        Address this, right off, and give them what they want, right in the copy. You become better than their best friend, you become better than their doctor, you become the person who made everything okay again. Then you convince them that you can do it forever, and they'll never have to feel this way again.

        People who are online looking for medical information want to be reassured that something really bad has NOT happened to them, that they DON'T really need a doctor, and that everything is okay with their world after all and they can go back to living as though they are immortal.

        Don't lead off with a statistic (# cured), and then move slowly into your story.

        Lead off with a question and maybe a bullet list...

        Are you suffering from these symptoms?

        ...a racing heart
        ...a sudden onset of dizziness
        ...a feeling like your heart is about to burst
        ...a certainty that you're about to die?


        Let them know it's okay...

        Relax. These are the signs of a panic attack, and although it can be VERY frightening, you're going to be okay. Here's why...

        Then, you can go on to tell them what a panic attack is (mind forcing body to respond to life-threatening stimuli that aren't really present), why even though it is psychological, the symptoms are very real, very unpleasant, and won't EVER stop unless you treat the underlying cause. THAT's when they're ready for your story, and how your product, that you found, is the best thing in the world for treating the underlying cause.

        People buying home remedies for panic and anxiety aren't analytical. They're desperate. Knowing this, and treating them appropriately, is your biggest weapon in achieving the sale.
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    One thing I am constantly doing now is removing ALL $ figures on a sales page or replacing with a spelled out version. In other words, I don't say, "$140 value". I replace with either, Priceless! or "a hundred-forty buck value".

    The reason is that people will subconsciously think that is the price of your product while skimming your page...then leave!

    I HATE HIDDEN PRICES! I suspect most other people do as well.

    I counted three $ signs and NO PRICE! Subconsciously I would think your product is $140! Scan your page fast and see why.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    Hey oxbloom,

    WOW everything you wrote makes perfect sense and I'm so glad you shared that with me. I'm going to start utilizing some of your suggestions as I think they will help immensely.


    I really like your suggestion of creating the sense of urgency. I think that would probably be a good route to take.

    Thanks you very much for your assistance
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      Originally Posted by maulsl88 View Post

      Hey oxbloom,

      WOW everything you wrote makes perfect sense and I'm so glad you shared that with me. I'm going to start utilizing some of your suggestions as I think they will help immensely.


      I really like your suggestion of creating the sense of urgency. I think that would probably be a good route to take.

      Thanks you very much for your assistance
      Glad I could find something to say that helped in some small way. Here's wishing you (and the panic sufferers you're helping) great success in your journey!
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