Q. Would Gary Bencivenga's seminar materials be useful for this very specific purpose?

by Ken Fa
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I'd be very grateful for your opinions on this IF you attended the seminar/bought the materials.

I am NOT a copywriter (though I seriously considered becoming one 10 years ago, when I read lots of books/articles on the subject by the usual suspects).
I am a self-employed Legal English Coach in Paris.

Since I can't come close to satisfying the demand (that copywriting training has helped me to generate a very large number of prospects, constantly, year after year) for my 1 to 1 classes given by phone, I have decided to create and sell a Legal English e-learning program. I've surveyed my audience on LinkedIn and many people said it was a good idea (which, of course, doesn't mean that they will buy/complete it once it's ready...).

Thanks to my LinkedIn connection list of 26 K people (mostly French lawyers) I have an email list of 26 K people, who already receive my very brief, weekly email on Legal English. Each week, there is a short teaser about my upcoming e-learning program at the end of the email. As a result of all of this, I have become (to use Dan Kennedy's words) an "authority figure + celebrity + specialist" in my subject area/with my audience.

As you probably know, it's not easy to create e-learning programs that people will actually sign up for and, especially, complete. So my question is:
Q: Do you think that Gary's seminar materials could greatly help me to sell my e-learning course to my audience (French lawyers)? And if so, why?
Thank you!
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    I've watched about 50% of the Gary Bencivenga 100 Seminar and I've been impressed. I think going through any of his materials will have a positive impact on your skill as a copywriter.


    He's a master who has been in the trenches copywriting for decades.
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      Thank you for your reply.

      I'm interested in knowing if it would help me with my specific project.

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  • I think it would.

    Gary was probably (based on phenomenal sales, the highest accolades from clients, and the sheer admiration from the other A+ listers) was one if not the best copywriter on planet earth.

    All achieved with a no hype, no shouty, screamy style of writing.

    This with all his techniques in the seminar would be perfect for your project.

    Safe to say - perfect for any service or product.

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      Thank you very much, Steve
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    i was very interesting for this article.
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