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Hey guys, I'm still in my beginner stage of writing copy, my main focus is to do email copy.

Should I focus on rewriting only email copy? or just whatever proven successful copy?

Would it be ideal to focus on a certain niche in my beginner stage?
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    I would first focus on building a relationship with my audience. It's about getting to know them just as much as they are getting to know you. You have to know their pain before you can effectively communicate with them, and provide them with products that will truly help them.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "focus on rewriting only email copy?"

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    Rewriting any good copy will help you.

    Soecializing is a great idea, even if done early.

    Originally Posted by londonprince View Post

    Hey guys, I'm still in my beginner stage of writing copy, my main focus is to do email copy.

    Should I focus on rewriting only email copy? or just whatever proven successful copy?

    Would it be ideal to focus on a certain niche in my beginner stage?
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    Originally Posted by londonprince View Post

    Hey guys, I'm still in my beginner stage of writing copy, my main focus is to do email copy.

    Should I focus on rewriting only email copy? or just whatever proven successful copy?

    Would it be ideal to focus on a certain niche in my beginner stage?
    A different approach. Use a "throw away" email address, like outlook, and spend a day signing up for everything FREE. You want to get on as many email lists as you can. Start right here at Warrior, with the main forum.

    One would probably want to sign up for any thing in which there is interest, like if you golf, sign up for golf newsletters or anything golf.

    I just searched Google for Golf newsletters, and sure enough, thousands popped up, pick one well known, like Golf Digest, and get several. If you are a woodworker, do it for that one. In your disposal email, set up FOLDERS, say one for Golf, one for bowling, one for KNITTING (one of the hottest niches today).

    I suggest a wide swath for a beginner, because you probably don't know what you will be writing for, or which industries, and the advice develop a relationship is very good advice, it might be too early in your learning.

    What you want to see right now, are as many emails as you can, make sure to get some from established Gurus and off the wall guys too.
    First conversation I have with someone wanting to take my copy writing course is:

    What is your INTENT?

    Where, in a year, do you want to be with your skills? Using them for your own products, services or offering them as a commodity for others to use?

    Keep those four words on your computer screen, or simply write INTENT on a sticky note...and with every email you get, ask what is THEIR INTENT, what are they trying to get me to do? Sometimes it is just to establish the relationship, others might make offers, or could be alerts, or simply a happy birthday wish.

    It is also the first place to start when writing copy, what is your INTENT? What do you want your reader/viewer/listener to DO (IF anything).

    After one year, and it will go by quickly, you will have a SWIPE file of thousands of emails you have rec'd and probably will have been able to mine some gold from all of that, as long as you have a clear idea of what and WHY you are doing it?

    The DEMAND for a good email copy writer is growing, probably because most copywriters offering this service, aren't very good at it and burn through clients, IF they can even get any .

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    Welcome to the copywriting life (I'm pretty new also).

    I agree with Stephanie on researching your audience first...

    Then perhaps you can focus on rewriting copy (not just emails) that appeal to your client avatar.

    All the best,

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  • Great advice from the good people above.

    I would suggest - be a niche copywriter (it can even be a niche within a niche).

    Why is that?


    It's quicker to learn everything about a "niche."

    It's easier to market to it.

    There's usually less competition.

    And it's faster to gain a great reputation in it.

    And importantly you can pick the "niche" which most interests you.

    Much more fun than trying to be all things to all people.


    P.S. I've noticed over the years - there is always a niche who are crying out for good copywriters.

    Even if they are not exactly wailing for wondrous words - it's not too tough to get them to realise why they need them.
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  • Aww - thank you Bianca and a very warm welcome to the illustrious copywriters forum.

    Last time I heard such kind words - well they sort of originated around 1987(ish).

    Back then, the esteemed client and their entire staff were in great frustration trying desperately to grabble with their internet page designs and email programming.

    As technology has always managed to completely bypass me - I offered the tentative suggestion, something like -

    "Why don't I knock out a sequence of Phenomenal Flyers and have them delivered forthwith to your likely customers - bringing a flock of eager buyers straight to your door?"

    I remember the rather terse reply - I'll abbreviate the language a touch -

    "FFS Steve, we are in the golden age of the web, which will bring us riches beyond imagination - but OK until then - we do need customers - go on bash out your, what do you call them - yes, the phenomenal flyers."

    And so I did.

    And still am.

    About a month ago the owner of the company - uttered something like - "Steve, those (bleeping) stupid Flyers you went waffling on about back in the 80's - amazing advice."

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      Experience is golden!

      Folks still pass out bleeping flyers (hello Vegas strip and the annoying leaflets on my windshield)...

      But guess what? People read them still...and will keep them (sometimes).
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  • It's true, it's true!

    What I say to the initial anti flyer and postcard marketing clients is...

    It's cheap! (lol) - no I save that pearl of wisdom till later.

    I start by saying - it's almost impossible for potential customers not to at least glance at the magical message and irresistible offer before they try and bin it.

    Unlike an unloved, unseen, lonely interweb site wandering aimlessly around in cyberspace -

    Desperately waiting for somebody to spend a massive fortune and or months of intense SEO work - to keep trying - often in vain - to land it on the top 3 listings.

    And then hope it gets clicked and responded to.

    Not sure if I mentioned it - I do like Flyers and Postcards...


    P.S. Those forlorn websites like them too - they can drive the right people to them.

    I've never managed to persuade any copywriters to use them - and do it in the best way - to get clients - and doubt I ever will.

    The usual comment is - "I'll thank you to mind your own business Steve, my website with its free ebooks, questionaire and a 20 minute no cost consultation will be more than satisfactory - so don't you concern yourself about that. There's absolutely no need to send any stupid postcard sequences - complete waste of time and money. What a ridiculous way to ask for business. They won't work in today's high tech marketplace. For goodness sake I'll be laughed at by any worthy business owner, and as for a serious marketing manager - they would be appalled if they were to receive one - goodbye."

    So, from time to time I scooped up the clients I wanted - and nobody knew how I did it - oops until now.
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  • I so love slippin' into a copywritin' niche.

    It is like wandrin' into a bar when you down on your luck ... or ridin' high ... or anyplace inbetween ...

    an' then there is sum guy ....

    an' you get talkin' ...

    an' wherevah you both at got sumplace real cool you mebbe wanna go togethah.

    See, cos he got stuff, same as you.

    Whole mix of dreams an' hassles don't figure rn.

    But see, you talk sweet betweenya, smooth out sum neat stuff gonna happen.

    Yeah I will mebbe ride your skateboard if'n you check out my Charles Olson.

    Tellya, niche ain't nuthin' 'ceptin' a space into which we can all throw usselfs togethah -- an' enthoosiasm makes for more winnahs than when Reaper scythes say this fool stuff ain't no opschwaahn.

    Point is: niche is comfort zone, happy shit where you wanna be at.

    To hell with CHALLENGE.


    (Reference: Ogilvy's Imperceptibly Un-noisy Luxury Frickin' Car.)

    Less'n you savin' up Pain Points in ordah to win a lifetime of ultimate misery, prolly you gotta max out on juiciliciousness of being ovah anythin' else.

    Way I see it, plenty people wanna take Comf Z offya, makeya strive af to get what is already in your heart an' sinew to make happen.

    Or they definin' Comf Z to suit their own lousy ass.

    So here is where ima at with alla this stoopid stuff rn.

    As a copywritah person I would always wanna smoochie on up on the essential ROMANCE.

    Here is heart on a roll, if'n you wanna.

    Here is fire in your belly don't need no frickin' stokin'.

    Here is smolder of soul, bustin' outta your eyes an' ears with a view to populatin' horizons with perfectly desirable color. Touch. Flavor. Possibly even JEEPS.

    An' this niche-as-heart gotta be writ down like you always wanted to see it, always wanted to know you were RIGHT to WANT THIS -- be it rockets you can blast off into the stratosphere by touchin' your cigarette to the papah ... or fireproof doors you can shut against imminent disastah.

    tbh honest, as an uncloset iconoclast, I endeavor always to ignore as much shit as I possibly can, which is why I figure way leakier goobers need all the help they can get.

    Prolly I been watchin' too many guys playin' video games but it seems to Moi the nicher you get, the more you hit on opportoonities for impossibly exotic romance ... or throwin' your life down the john.

    So, yeah -- meetups, possibilities, fyootures

    All neatly & nichely propulsive.

    The frick else is gowin' on actshwlly?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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