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I've updated the website for my productivity app (link in my sig). On it, I have an opportunity to demonstrate the product to an extent, using some screenshots.

The app keeps track of your progress as you work on your most important project(s).

For each project you track, you'll enter a Project Goal, and each time you work, you'll list the specific task you're working on.

Over time, the app will give you very detailed data about what you've done on your project every step of the way.

The screenshot I use on the website home page shows a Project Goal of: "Learn the Guitar".

The examples shown for daily tasks performed are, "Learn Scales, Practice Scales, Practice Chords".

I'm looking for an example project that will better resonate with my target (people who visit productivity-related reddit sites for example) and will do a good job of demonstrating what the app does.

Some examples of Project Goals and some daily steps taken that I've tried or considered in the past were:
  • Build an App: (design Icon, design website, hire a developer)
  • Finish my Novel: (write 3 hours, re-read On Writing, write 3-hours)
  • Write Term Paper: (read Osborne's research paper, visit lab, research spider-bite symptoms)
  • Lose 25 lbs. by Vacation: (walk 2.5 miles, 30 min. Spin class, 30 min. treadmill)

Any ideas you have for something you think would work best?

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  • I like the name - Project Time Machines.

    A subhead could be - The Future You Want So Much Closer.


    I would play around with the 3 main words.

    And add a few derivatives (I got hold of one at a very reasonable price "cogs" - but there are many more...).

    Project (name it)

    Time (projected or set time)

    Cogs - (parts of the "machine") i.e. the tasks to be accomplished in building the "machine"

    Machine - (the finished "thing")

    Glamourize the word "machine" - the acclaimed accomplishment (to keep people motivated).

    You could use colours to emphasis the various values of the "machine" - Silver, Golden, Platinum

    And how important it is - Important, Vital, Imperative

    And the end result of the finished "machine" - Ultimate, Perfect, Wonderful

    Hopefully you get the idea's.

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    I love this app idea.

    Some current topics this may work for:

    Train my dog (there has been an increase in buying/adopting pups)

    Master my homeschool/work from home schedule

    Get my first 3 clients (ex: copywriting, web design, online tutor)

    Start my podcast and post my first 3 episodes (could work for a blog and youtube too).

    How to start running the fastest I have ever ran in my life (or road to my own marathon...)

    I hope these ideas are helpful.

    Take care,

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