Top 3 problems preventing junior copywriters from reaching senior level

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I've been working with copywriters who want to level up... make their clients profits... and yeah... make themselves rich... for about 5 years now.

The Top 3 problems getting their way?

Nope, not the actual writing.

1) Positioning.
2) Organization.
3) Leadership.

Now... fun fact, I'm not the best writer.

Never claimed to be.

But I do claim to be among the best copywriters... who know how to POSITION offers in the marketplace... to get the low-hanging fruit.

Positioning is about figuring out the highest watermark of acute emotion... and using it as the entrance point into the conversation.

"Influencer marketing is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to sell your product or service.

No Facebook ads.

No YouTube preroll...

No long copy or clunky funnels...

And virtually no out-of-pocket costs.

In fact, you can profit $256,331 from one YouTube Influencer interview...

Just like Inigo Montoya did selling his 'How to get revenge' course...

With a zero dollar CPA."

Basic Positioning 101.

But why have so many copywriters struggled to easily see the most profitable positioning... as an almost instinctual superpower?


Positioning comes from the 80% of copywriting... which is interviewing, researching, LEARNING (ouch, work) and expanding your creative capacity.

The more you stretch your creative capacity... the easier... and faster... you'll be able to write profitable copy.

Which leads me to Problem #2...


One of the things I teach is breaking down sales letters, VSLs, emails, advertorials, commercials, etc... into their elements.

Because being able to see the beginning, middle, and end of your deliverables... empowers you to work faster... and way more effectively.

You've got Mechanism (aka where 99% of your creative usually comes from)... it's the WHY "this works for me."

New Cause (aka the reason why everything prospects tried failed... and what makes your offer different.)

The Hook/Big Idea (aka the angle that makes your positioning relevant, exciting, scary... and generally emotional.)

There are lots of sub-elements too... like "3 things", call outs, future pacing, hero's journey, discovery story, framing the offer, executing the offer, bonus, guarantee, crossroads, stacking, etc.

All the while... you have the capture the right tone or dog whistle language... paint a picture of positive/negative circumstances/symbols to identify with... and so much more.

Lots to organize, right?


And when you take the time to get clear on all your elements... how you want to them... and how to flow from one to the next..

Again... the actual WRITING is easy.


The last problem getting in most copywriters way... is lacking leadership.

The fact is... even when biz owners hire junior copywriters... they're still expecting someone who can help contribute to blueprinting messaging, funnels... and most importantly... responding to data.

Without leadership... or when copywriters put themselves into "sub" positions... campaigns usually struggle or fail.

But a bigger part of leadership... is standing behind your strategies and copy... when the data comes in.

It's weird to say...

But pretty much every copywriter I've ever mentored... didn't GUARANTEE their work... until they worked with me.

This is HUGE... because when a copywriter's prospects and clients alike feel confident that no matter what happens... "We got this..."

Collaborations can reach deeper levels...

And everyone makes more money.

A copywriter who stands behind his or her work... will get a level of respect that many TOP TOP TOP players don't even command.

It really makes all the difference in the world.

Just some brain droppings...
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    I am a copywriter myself. How do you get interviews with YouTube influencers? And influencer in what niche do you target?

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    It makes a lot of sense.I never gave postioning, organization or leadership a thought but now I will. Thanks for sharing your experience. The post was really helpful.
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    Nice post!
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    Organization and creating a system is where I am at. You are totally right. Once you get the structure in place the words flow
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