What do you ask to your client?

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Hey copywriters,

Before writing a copy, what questions do you normally ask your clients? Or do you straight up do your own market research, product research, competitor's research without involving them?

Please, just want to pick up some brain from a more experienced one...
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    I personally do my research first, then ask for their involvement at a later time.
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    Copywriting is an advertising practice to attract the audience to perform action. So, it is important to ask the client few questions before copywriting. Questions I normally ask to client are
    Q1. Details of the product.
    Q2. Is there any specific target audience.
    Q3. What is the Timeline ?
    Q4. Who will check the conversion rate ?
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    It is so important to know your ideal customer so you can tailor your copy accordingly. Your client hopefully has idea of their target audience and should be able to provide you with some info.

    You also need to understand the main product benefits and point of difference if any.
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    one of the main jobs as copywriter is diggging...digging the market...digging the client...look for the emotional story... for that you can ask questions like what made you start this idea? whats the origin...you just need to be able to recognize the story and idea when it shows up.
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    I additionally raise my shopper, what special programs with content are used? Sometimes it's maybe article forge, texter, anti-plagiarism checker, or the rest. the next queries belong to the: size, terms, themes, unique, artistic, and literary genre.
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    Sometimes I ask about instruction and what text need to be done.
    More than, I can ask about the design and creativity
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    I like to know what my clients want and according to that I start performing.
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