Is WordPress Completely Out of Touch with Publisher Needs?

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A new article on Search Engine Journal asks, given publishers have been scrambling to fix Core Web Vitals, does the fact that WordPress, plugin and theme developers seemingly decline to address those needs mean the company is out of touch?

The author here says, "WordPress doesn't seem aware of what publishers need in terms of better user experience. As a consequence, the WordPress development community appears to have no plans for giving publishers what they need. A WordPress publisher opened a support thread asking why their WordPress site scored so low for Core Web Vitals (Google Core Web Vitals Fix and Google PageSpeed Insight Rank in Mobile). Google's PageSpeed Insight provides feedback as to what issues need to be fixed in order to present a better user experience as measured by the Core Web Vitals metrics."

Many of the highlighted user experience shortcomings are typical WordPress installations. The problems aren't the fault of publishers; they're built right into WordPress itself, associated with the themes and the plugins.

Common issues are things like sliders that add code bloat, forms that add code bloat, and even the new WordPress Gutenberg site design and publishing platform is inherently bloated:

"The reason for the bloat is because it's a simple thing for developers to add all the code needed into one file and be done with it. It's not that the developers are lazy or inconsiderate. This is a common coding practice; it's the way sites have always been developed. But the Internet is evolving at this very moment to embrace a set of user experience standards that are encompassed by the Core Web Vitals metrics."
The Internet is headed one way, but WordPress coding practices have not yet responded to that. In a recent WordPress support thread, a publisher asked for help regarding their low Core Web Vitals score. WordPress responded by saying the publisher shouldn't come to WordPress for help, recommending they seek a solution from Google.

There is a lot more on this in the original article, which you can reach by clicking on the link above!
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  • For sures, Wordpress is an instant click 'n display marvel for evryday goobers got no codin' smarts.

    Also, it is a smartsyass cat pees & poops all ovah an' don't clean up too good aftah itself.

    Time to turn klutzy plugin extras into functional & integrated essentials before sum way brighter fkr delivahs a way more bettah slooshin cold.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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  • Aftahthought:

    Yeah, so when Wordpress makes it much more functionally instantanier to upload copy 'pon copy 'pon copy, then mebbe evrywan equally freer to write out evry shade of schwango they wanna!

    "Our Instantaneous Avatar feature sets you free to appear maximally vacuous to every single visitor tempted into stupefactiousness by the undeniable inconsequence flowing from the chasm of irrelevance they will surely behold. And that's a PROMISE."

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    On the one hand, it's impressive they've stuck around even as so many people built big companies seemingly inspired by its flaws. It's certainly a massively important part of the story of online publishing. That said, it's pretty crazy that one still needs to edit a CS txt file in order to change anything. Pretty bloat-y, indeed...
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