How Do I Get Clients - Part One

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Oh, the mystery of client aquisition.


Let me be blunt:

If you call yourself a copywriter...

And you aren't successfully promoting and positioning yourself as someone "I should work with"...

You ain't a copywriter.

We. Move. Mountains.

We. Create. Worlds.

We. Know. Positioning.

"Okay, Mark... I may not be good at promoting myself, but I know I could make clients money, if they just knew how to find me."


Until you've been on the front lines and optimized your copy - based on real-world data...

Until you've taken a DUD... and turned it into a money-printing juggernaut...

Until you've helped millions of people... and connected them with the HELP they need to thrive in life...

Until you get out of your own way... and consistently demonstrate being a leader that companies can't imagine losing...

Until the mere mention of your name is synonymous with copy that helps your clients predictably profit up the ass...

You're still BECOMING a copywriter.

There's no such thing as, "I know I'd convert if people could just find me."

You have to put in the work... the reps... just like training your body for an athletic event.

And NOTHING will ever replace that truth.

Which means...

If you don't have clients...

If you're broke...

If you're stuck in the mystery of, "How the am I gonna pay rent?"...

You have two options:
  1. Do exactly what I'm about to say.
  2. Quit.

Still here?

Okay, cool...


Running a business requires your emotional and time investment... i.e. daily work.

Oops, did I just use a 4-letter word?

Yeah I did.

Because guess what?

You aren't owed clients.

You don't deserve to get paid by anyone.

There's only the story you're telling right now.

But you can change the story you're telling... right now too.

Literally this very second.

Here's how:


Make daily videos.

Don't sell yourself, position your videos to give away value. I did this for years.

Within a few months, you'll have a library of value-driven content.

Each piece of content continues to advertise you and build your own personal brand.

Yup, brand.

But these daily videos do something else:

They let people get to know you, feel comfortable with you... and ultimately trust you.

Those are essential ingredients in ANY kind of a relationship.

And yes, that's exactly what you're doing... building relationships.

Of course, you'll also need to write copy to supplement your videos.

So, if you're ever sitting there thinking, "I have nothing to write about..." you're just guaranteeing the same NON-results tomorrow.

Stop damning yourself to being broke.

Be THE leader who directs your attention to ONLY what produces momentum... then keep riding that wave of momentum... and let it propel to you to every new stage of your career.


Schedule (at least) two hours a day to write copy that's in the market you want to dominate, especially if you DON'T have a big client load (that sounds kinda nasty.)

Wanna become a health and supplement expert?

Then... read books about the gut, adrenaline fatigue, autoimmune, hormones and chemicals, cellular metabolism, telomeres, free radicals, and every natural ingredient you can find out about.

("You mean, I don't just get to call myself a health copywriter? I have to actually learn about the body?")


Same goes with every space you want to convert in... whether it's for yourself or your clients.


First master steps 1 and 2.

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