To All The Poor Copywriters...

by max5ty
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So I decided I'll make this whole thing go beyond 3 tips.

Are some thinking I'm going too far? Probably yes.
Will I continue? Again probably yes.

To recap:

You're wasting your time if you're trying to create demand around what you're offering.

Your headline needs to be short and to the point and give a major benefit.

Now for the next tip:

Get crazy.

There are a million ads. Most put you to sleep or in some kind of coma and your mind starts driving away to another place...if you even finish reading the ad.

Hit me with something that blows my mind and makes me think.

Tell me something that shakes my inner being and gives me a pause.

Make me feel an emotion.

Get me so excited I want to tell all my friends about this.

Once I did a post about writing about something that was nothing, but pretending it was something really crazy.

I said to take all the thoughts of your product out of your head and write something as though it was the best thing that ever came along.

Make the headlines crazy.

Make the copy crazy...

and then go back and fit your product into it.

It works.

Too many times we start writing and suddenly our thoughts go into another dimension...

we're swept away with another personality...

a lot like some of the preachers we hear on T.V. Their voice and delivery change when they start talking.

Talk to a friend and keep it real and exciting.

Feedback welcomed...
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    Good content. Thread stickied.
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  • What is the next step forward for your prospect?

    The one that perfectly leaps them through the ultimate hoop of transformation?

    There is no DARE here ... it is naht a stunt.

    They wanna leap forward.

    They wanna make the change.

    They wanna walk sweetah in the fyootyoore than they do today.

    The desire rumbles beneath their flesh like you can actschwlly hear it.

    Fyootyoore I wanna ... Fyootyoore I wanna ...

    If'n you can write 'em to that place like they wuz thinkin' it all out for 'emselves, prolly you handin' 'em an invisible an' propulsive momentum to take the step.

    It is OK to follow your heart, Sweetie.*

    Alternative is, you endeavor to lead people by a rope to a waterhole they don't wanna drink outta, an' then tell 'em

    1) it OK to have a face like a horse. Naht your fault.

    2) you gonna be surprised how much I can bend you to my will, Horse Face.**

    We should seek always a smoochie arrangement steada jus' overbearin' dom.***

    * If'n insurance is involved, read the smallprint also.

    ** Anywan here actschwlly called Horse Face, blame yr parents & naht Moi.
    *** Your filth, naht mine. Such is the natyoore of pinpoint analogy. "Talk to a friend and keep it real and exciting." That is the baseline start point.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    fire, super cool !
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    Well from what i learn in your copywriting ,ads you need to dtand out from the crowd ,create some sort of emotion as people are tired of seing that formal content that brings no emotion and only send the signal of selling

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      Yes that's very true.

      One marketing lesson that has stucked with me is "people buy emotions".

      I learnt this lesson from Bruno Nwogu's "0 to $2k blueprint".

      One way to trigger their emotions is through storytelling.

      Any content or copy with storytelling sells alot.

      The story creates that belief that if this person could do it then i can do it as well.

      That's what makes them buy the product immediately.

      Trigger their emotions first so they can be interested in your offer.

      Present your offer as a solution to their problem or desire.

      Then you close the sale from there.
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    From my experience, I will highlight a few areas that a copywriter should own: researching and interviewing, accepting feedback, Knowing when enough is enough, and mastering sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary. Also, I want to recommend good fintech copywriters its Genuine communications. They are a very informative blog, so enjoy! (edit by mod - no links in posts, please)
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    Researching and interviewing, receiving feedback, knowing when enough is enough, and understanding sentence structure, syntax, and vocabulary are all skills that a copywriter should possess, in my opinion. Also, I'd like to recommend Genuine Communications for good financial copywriters. They're a pretty useful blog, so take advantage of it! (moderator edit: no links in posts, please)
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    If you're a poor copywriter then you need to apply for a job instead. Mixing digital and local business around the world teams, flip businesses, stay together huddle get back on track and be the next big thing? Then you could just salute yourself get tucked in and remember there's no paradise but a friend by your side.

    I'm thinking you can say a writer would be poor, with the right marketing skills you can achieve your dreams, like promotional PR teams. Selling via billboards, setting up communities. It's all about team building. Over the past 15 years I've been very successful and I'm still achieving my goals. Opening my work folder, checking calenders, taking inbound and outbound calls. Managing a global team that are experts in their field.

    Remember your worth. If the going rate in your country is £10. Then charge at the least £10 for an hour of your time. It's easy to have a £250 day when you know how confidently market on billboards etc. It's easy to be a copywriter but if you want to succeed at it you need no background noise.

    Stephen fry a national treasure of British celebrities is a man who goes to a dark place to write whole books. Take for example the thrill of having something to do for 40 hours per week and enjoy some 4 hour work weeks. Get into industries that pay substantial amounts of moolah for your expertise on business and it's evolvement. Hire your own private jet, learning internet marketing was the brilliant idea of a friend of mine and I got to take career breaks because I built a flipped 4 businesses. It all started at 12 years old when I got a computer and learned how to fix them then I studied computer programming at college and went onto to become a digital marketer now I manage a global team for wordpress projects. I'm happy as s copywriter and technical/content founder and successor of the domain easiery for successful living as diesel say in their ad.

    May you be blessed with achieving your goals. Some people are happy doing nothing but I'm happy being creative and I am a creative director and producer of music and have achieved global success in business. Thank you warrior forum for holding my hand and to all that thanked me for supporting them in this forum.

    I'm back working on a couple of digital marketing projects. the warriors in here that go to the silver surprise of learning internet marketing. You all are legendary for the experiences I've had thanks to learning digital marketing aka. internet marketing. If y'all remember the million dollar homepage I moved into a lot of fantastic experiences because of coming to warrior forum and learning about technical,/content and eventually became a professional copywriter too, studied computer programming and digital marketing foundation degree. Now I'm marketing and content for a business that is severely lacking social and search, paid advertising necessary etc. So here we are the end of my grateful gratification of warrior forum and a secret never to be told. You can do it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't.
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    You should also mention that over 30% copywriters use AI generated text...
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    • Originally Posted by Michael252 View Post

      You should also mention that over 30% copywriters use AI generated text...
      I heard it was 31%, actschwlly.

      So that kinda bucks the odds.

      Speshly if'n you believe this is AI generated text ...

      or you readin' this as a fyootyoore alien scholar gaht no single cloo the frick is happnin' ...

      eithah now nor neithah then

      (or whenevah).

      Plz let my ass be sum kinda touchpoint when alla the wayhooey crapola kickethsteths offa the -ahsuffixhole.

      I naht tryin' to be lewd here btw.

      This is for real.

      (Yeah bcs there are no fyootyure alien scholars. Bcs eithah we would finish em' first or hit the troops defendin' 'em. Anyways, them guys the EXPOITS in PERSUASION. Leastaways, that is what I heard ...)

      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    your title was too catchy lol, i guess this was what you mean
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    Yes the title has to be catchy!
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    Very nice, agree that a good copywriting output must sound natural and not authoritative in anyway.
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  • Gotta thank swimmarket for a driveby platitood kinda points sumthin' way significant up.


    But not authoritative.

    We can return to ideal word choices latah -- an' bcs it is Moi postin' here, prolly summa you gonna be waitin' around till 2087 on a wish.

    Natchrl is alway neat.

    But for whom?

    Whoomesoevah's feels, thoughts, immediately actionable wherewithal (an' mebbe dreams) say Easy & Sweet To Moi Is Easy & Sweet To Moi, I guess.

    So you don't gotta bamboozle nowan when you cosyin' up with stuff prolly gonna step 'em out as more fulfilled & scopeful persons.

    Gotta tellya, what helps so supportive bra here is to refrain from ACTIN' LIKE NO GOOBER.

    Your emo gotta be phenom but your facts also gotta play straight.

    Othahwise, nowan gonna figure always you a specktackulah asshole.

    The authority of smoochie is irresistible, irrepressible, an' juicily irreversible given the right handlin'.

    So ... who you gonna trust to lead you forwards?

    It is your natchrl nose seekin' out evah more finessed YOU ARE DEAR SWEET YOU outcomes.

    So there is no powah structure when an ad rolls along.

    Othah than SAYS WHO?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    If you're a poor copywriter then you need to apply for a job instead. Mixing digital and local business around the world teams, flip businesses, stay together huddle get back on track and be the next big thing? Then you could just salute yourself get tucked in and remember there's no paradise but a friend by your side.
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    I like the idea of being different. Too many content creators are chasing the mass audience using the same data analytics and copying what worked for someone else.

    A good brand storyteller understands who is who in the story structure zoo.
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    I smiled reading your post!!

    Funny enough i am on a venture to writing something and running it as an ad myself so at least now i know what NOT to do with it thanks to your post
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    Headlines matter a lot, I agree with you on this matter. Copywriters try to concentrate their knowledge and skills at writing the content, while it's better to devote the time to a headline, becaue headlines is considered to be somethig that attract and entice potential customers and readers.

    Human's brain makes a decision within 0.0005 sec., hence this time is enough to read a headline and make up their mind, whether you are interested in reading this article or content, or you don't care.
    I believe that it's better to create content in balance, you devote a certain time to headline creation, and also you devote the same amount of time to the article.
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    I stopped reading after "comma".
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      Originally Posted by Joel Young View Post

      I stopped reading after "comma".
      Thank you. I corrected it.
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        Originally Posted by max5ty View Post

        Thank you. I corrected it.
        Awesome - and that was a rare and excellent response to what I realize wasn't the nicest way to bring it up. I do apologize for that; sometimes I'm a knee-jerk.

        And now I'll go back and continue reading, lol.
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