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some copywriters have problems coming up with a headline and starting a promotion.

So, here's a time-tested way to start any promotion...and I'll do copy examples...

this technique has been used for years and seldom fails. But, you should always test of course because it's not the only way.

1. Call out who the promotion is intended for

2. Ask a question that hits home with the reader

3. Make a promise

4. Start your story

I'm all about stories. In my opinion a good story always works better than just mumbo jumbo facts and statistics. People remember stories.

So here's a couple examples off the top of my head. I would go back and tweak them...but this is to show you what I'm suggesting:

Example 1

Attention Ladies...

"Do You Suffer From Ugly Saggy Arm Skin?"

Let's fix it today...

Dear Friend:

I ended up in a holding cell at the Fairfax County Jail.

Here's how it started...

earlier that day I made my son lunch.

As I was putting the macaroni and cheese on his plate, he looked up at me and quietly said,

"Mom, you have saggy arms."

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had always been the one that took a lot of pride in my looks.

I always tried to eat right.

I exercised regularly.

What was happening?

I had bat wings.

Was I getting that old?

Example 2

Attention Women ...

"Do You Suffer From A Saggy Butt?"

discover how to instantly hide this nagging sign of aging ...

Fighting age affects us all.

It's not always easy to accept, ask anyone.

I was at the store the other day trying on some clothes.

The dressing room mirror was one of those mirrors that had 3 angles showing every side of me.

I didn't like what I saw.

I was shocked.

What had happened to my body?

It made me sad to look at what was staring back at me.

Things had seemingly started to fall apart.

I wasn't the sexy-looking woman I had always thought myself to be. My butt had seemingly dropped.

Why hadn't I noticed it before?

How had getting older silently crept up on me without me being aware?

Sure I'd had a couple of kids ... and I was getting older. But I didn't think I looked this bad.

I was embarrassed.

Did my husband notice I was getting older too?

Why hadn't he made any comments?

Was he just being nice?

I left the clothes in the dressing room and drove home.

On my way home, filled with sadness and a sense of accepting I was getting older, I decided to fight back.


These are two quick examples to show you that I wrote for this post.

This works. It's easy and quick.

I chose the products for women just as an example.

Try it, you might like it
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