Video Sales Letter, for QUALIFIED leads only?

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I'm a big fan of the VSL, I have been using them successfully for almost 5 years helping me to sell online courses. Testing them on my own website, they convert better than text alone.

I will be creating another online course soon and I am currently writing the script for the VSL to sell it. However I have been thinking about taking a different approach.

My current funnel:

1) Awareness through social media platforms and Blog SEO funnelling to the website in order to get a free video/more information. (note: the prospect can buy a beginner or advanced course at any stage of the following funnel)

2) A short VSL on the sales page advertising the merits of my online course with a CTA getting them to exchange an email for a free video providing a solution for a common problem in my industry.

3) Email immediately sent with a link to the free video, which is a video providing value that seamlessly moves into a full VSL (a trojan horse if you will) with the call to action being the purchase of a beginners course. (if they do buy the Beginners course the last video in there is a VSL for the advanced course).

4) Subsequent email automations provide a 50:50 mixture of giving (extra free stuff) and persuasion (testimonials, what they could achieve, FAQ's etc).

5) The final email in the automation is the grand offer with a bonus included for a limited time if they buy within 48hours.

Now, this funnel has been working well, but for my NEW course (a subject more lucrative where students will be making money) I will be charging a more (1.5k).

I have seen VSL's from other high ticket online courses that only appeared only after I qualified myself by entering my email into their lead magnet. Sometimes their website contained a short VSL (if at all) with the focus being my email in exchange for free stuff.

This got me asking two questions:

1) For a higher ticket product (digital or otherwise) is it better to qualify leads first, so they can't buy unless they exchange their email for the lead magnet's free offer? The email they get would be the free content promised + a long form VSL (either connected in one long video, or two separate videos on one page).


2) Is it better to show the full VSL to everyone from the start on a landing page as more eyes are better overall? (Plus they are already semi-qualified since they came from socials or the blog)

Can anybody advise on which is the best approach and why? Obviously the best answer is to test them against each other and see which wins, but I would like to see what people's thoughts are regarding this.

Please note: Apologies if this is in the wrong section. There is no VSL category and I see a VSL as a sibling to copywriting. I can spend weeks writing and revising copy for a script, an hour recording it and a few hours editing it. To me that makes it about 95% copywriting.
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    Main Q is: what you wanna see aftah the closin' credits of VSL A-Z roll out?

    An' by YOU ... I mean evrywan who benefits from headin' your way steada swappin' LOLcats or drillin' down on porno.

    As we head into 2023, all eyes are focussated on NEXTNESS of narrative.

    ie, your online course frees Moi up to do WHAT, zackly?

    So imagine youwain't gaht no kinda funnel expertise whackied upya ass says you gaht any kinda optschwaahns.

    So ... you meet a random guy in an eskilater (or, a lift, if you will, bcsn downhome Yookay).

    What is your ONE message?

    An' if'n that guy queried what you offer, how would you qualify/amplify?

    Plus, what 'bout that WAY CRAYZEE GAL with the ILL CAT in a BASKET in thusselfsame lift?

    Now you shoutin' out to BOTH.

    So whose questions mattah?

    "Excuse Me, Mr Clearly Helpful Guy, but do you possess such thing as a spoon for teasing the worms out of MadgeSpadge's rectum?"

    Tellya, within the boundsa an eskilaterift sityouatschwaahn, even three is a crowd far as essential messagin' is concerned.

    WHAT for WHOM doms always ovah WHEN an' WITH WHICH INSERTABLES.

    No ideah WHOMSOEVAH you gaht on the enda your offah, or WHAT that offah entails.

    But that is your start point, always.

    See, bcs in 2025 prolly we can run ads on AI panties.

    Yeah bcs them IOThong babies can track your cellulite, counsel your ass on best jeans to wear, an' spot a risky bacon sandwich from like 15 paces.

    USB rechargable.

    Bamboo fabric.

    Chili flavah if'n you wanna cook 'em ... soluble in kerosene if'n you can hack lemon & lime

    Plus, they gaht instructions on what passes for the gusset for how to survive the Zaaahmbie Apocalypse.

    Clearly, this is no way a hot impulse buy for scrotally exooberant bodybuildah types believin' they gowin' direc to heaven bcs weirsdy soundin' surname.

    Noo tech can go crazy asya want, but these guys ain't playin'.

    So ... who is lappin' your stuff up circa 2025 bcs they hooked up to your ass?

    WHAT for WHOM?

    My view?

    Most funnels ignore most orifi.

    That is why they always sound like sum weirdsily invasive an' arcane process, steada you jus' speak plainly in an eskilatorift.

    RANDOM GUY: Ain't it great we can make it right to the top of the building without encountering a sales guy!

    WAY CRAYZEE GAL: That is so hot! We can simply be ourselves!

    ILL CAT: For sure, I am in pain -- yet even I see the healthy purity of this encounter! Why, I can even imagine romance in the making!

    WHAT for WHOM.

    Return to this always at all your narrative turnin' points.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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      I'm really not sure if you're taking the p*ss, someone has switched your keys around, or Stevie Wonder has just joined a copywriting forum. But whatever your reasons, I appreciate your reply.
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        Originally Posted by Philip David View Post

        I'm really not sure if you're taking the p*ss, someone has switched your keys around, or Stevie Wonder has just joined a copywriting forum. But whatever your reasons, I appreciate your reply.
        Likely I jus' a ditz.

        But the WHAT FOR WHOM query is always worth askin' at evry stage of your funnel process.

        WHAT defines your CTA.

        WHAT do you figure they gonna want AT THIS POINT?

        WHOM defines what your prospects KNOW at each level of the funnel.

        Unless they are fundamentally changed by each CTA, you gowin' back to the beginnin'.

        So: to WHAT extent are you levellin' up your WHOMs' curiosity at each stage of the process??

        That is a real useful tool to deploy when you figure what ordah to present your bounties so's your final offah is maximally desirable.

        As with landahs an' email dialogs, you gotta figure what people might want most on the basis of what they know so far.

        So your funnel gotta equip your raw prospects to proceed to the next stage as informed experts.

        Think 'bout blind datin', for example.

        (An' I mention this bcs yr swipe at Moi is unfair to a broadah range of innocent targets.)

        Turns out nympho pouncin' is rarer than you might think.

        There is a natchrl narrative sequence from "Hi, cool to meetya" to "bite on my panties while you pound my ass into the mattress."

        An' this depends on familiarity ... dialog ... promise ... reassurance ... an' occasionally a schlong the size of a cucumbah.

        Evry interactscwaahn between hoomans depends upon this interplay between rewarded curiosity an' recognizible carrots dangled far off.

        So ... WHAT is the purpose of each stage in the funnel?

        WHO benefits?

        ie WHO you educated to proceed to the next stage c/o the structyrool narrative arc of the funnel an' the the teasahs laid strategically at their feet?

        If'n this don't seem like no ansa, at least ask the questions.

        They cool for steppin' you forward.

        Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I've never given people who aren't interested enough to opt-in much thought.

    Many years ago a very successful marketer told me; 95% of prospects will never buy anything, focus on the 5% who will.

    Requiring opt-in is an initial qualifier.
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      Thank you for the reply Killer, some good advice there.

      I agree and imagine this would lead to less overall refunds, complaints and emails to deal with.

      My only reservation is regarding people who have decided to buy early, having to go through the process of submitting an email in order to get a free video, eventually leading to the VSL and the grand offer. This may lose some early adopters.

      I could have a sticky 'Start My Course Now' button on the top right of the site. Then again I'd rather they didn't see the 1.5k price tag before viewing the VSL. This may cause a snap judgement, losing a lead before they understand the benefits.

      I'm trying to find a system that caters for those who need more nurturing and those who've made a decision to buy early. All without scaring anyone off, or creating too many barriers to entry.

      What's your advice in this situation?
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