Is the AWAI course also for the German market?

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Unfortunately, almost all copywriting courses here in Germany cost €5000-1000 and you often don't get the knowledge you need. Hence my question:

Is the AWAI copywriting course only designed for the American and English-speaking countries or can it also be used for the German market? I keep hearing in German videos that the American mentality and the market are completely different and that you can't translate it 1 to 1.

Does anyone know if this is true or are they just gurus just wanting to sell their expensive €5,000-10,000.
Otherwise, I would like the AWAI course more in terms of value for money.

Thank you for your answers.
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    Since the first word in the AWAI brand is 'American' - you'd need to contact that program and ask if what you want to do is possible.
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  • Thing is, whatevah the language, what mattahs is the hearts an' minds an' *yanno* of evrywan speakin' it an 'terrpruttin' input from same.

    Deviate from this globally evident troowith (even in flooent whatevah) an' you zackly instantly frickoed.

    That is why togethahness shines supahtrooly.

    You wanna make it excloosive ... but'n it aint.

    Mebbe we jus' gotta downsell till the maxo conjoino upswell busts the stoopido bubble.

    If'n it helps, I ain't nevah hearda no AWAI.

    tbh sounds to Moi like an acronym for a motah-nyoorone insensibility I don't wanna catch offa no undooly beastly tempo BF figures spunkin' on my tits on a first date pizza = till death us do part love kinda stuffs.

    Here to illoominate, as always, independent of whatevah nowan bullieves to be a beacon.

    * might constitoot smartsystuffs for evin the haplesstesta goobahz *

    My view?

    Anywan gaht Yooros or dollahs or GRANMA CORPSES to spend could mebbe read what I wrote here for free.

    Same goes for plenny similarly shinin' stars here whose names I won't mention bcs this is MY response to the OP an' ima MILKIN' THE FKR.

    Thing is, I gaht no cloo why nowan bothahs with acronyms anyway.


    Intrinsicly, they are speedostuff pathways to shit you already know.

    Othahwise, they merely SPTSYAK.

    Yanno, as a groop.

    Thing you gotta watch for always is how totally meaningless crap may so easily be amassed as an acronymically potent force to subdooya into submishwaahn.

    Only takes a combinayshwaahn of 2 perfixshnlly availabyool VOWELS an' 2 simlr easy CUNNY-SHHH-WANTS to invoke contractions of Bethlehem worthy of a nuthouse.


    Dunno, Sweetiepoppet.

    Zackly what is the diffrence buttween a headline an' a summary anyways?

    Evrythin' always is 'bout NEXT STOP & NEXT START.

    Prahblem we gaht rn is most anywan can write to this -- evin the idjittes.

    An' with AI smarts, you can mebbe maximise the damage.

    The openin' of the void vs the closin' of the wound.


    Utterly meaningless.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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      i don't understand?
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        Originally Posted by paradiesvogel24 View Post

        i don't understand?
        Could be there is sum kinda coise gowin' around.

        Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    i don't understand?

    Yup - there is usually a kernel of truth in P.B's posts but sometimes you have to dig deep to find it.

    Seriously - contact AWAI to answer your questions...anyone here would be guessing.
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      Thank you very much, unfortunately I don't speak English well enough to understand this. Despite the translator, I didn't understand anything.
      I wrote to Awai, but can't it be that they are saying everything just to sell their courses?

      That's why I sought advice from third parties.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Yup - there is usually a kernel of truth in P.B's posts but sometimes you have to dig deep to find it.
      Thx Kay.

      * momentary swoon in the midst of life's evident hardships *

      * smacks head on passin' camel *

      * the heck is a camel dowin' here anways? *

      Thing is, without kernels you eithah gaht NUTHIN' or DISTRACTIN' KINDA SWIVELS.

      Evry time I endeavor to make my wisdaahm availbyool in a more obvious capacity, evrywan screams I a frickin' prostitoot.

      This an incentive to dig deep through my evry post for koinels of truth I evah wrote here since I pitched up in 2015 ?


      Could be we require 3 kindsa CTAs here gonna figure what happens next:

      1) A guy called Alex Cohen once diminished prussicely the truths I been revealin' by callin' me an ALIEN the moment I showed. If'n ida bullieved that klutz, nuthin' aftah kindah 2016 shows here for your delight. Which means YOU LOSE c/o GOOBER SMARM. As a natchrl Sagittarian asshole, I cain't evah sit easy with this kinda schwango from on sub-high. So ima dancin' to Ceelo Green with the uncensored chorus bustin' outta my ass in that regard tyvm. Cool to swanky in the vacuum he left behind.

      2) "Actually, Princess, you make accessing killer info way too hard for my implausibly denuded brain." Thing is, I ain't gaht no cloo once also, so I boned up -- an' you should do the same. Embrace the difficult or atrophy to your mortal disadvantage, says Moi. Alternative is hangin' out on drugs on a cruise ship till'n you 105yo an' undeniably spackoed beyond no kinda point, or actshly there are IRL aliens an' they eat off half yr face SUDDENLY while you ****in' yr sweetheart tryin' to make a GOOD IMPRESSION.

      3) Pick a randaahm date from anythin' I evah wrote. Could be there sumthin' useful here, even if'n you stoopid.

      So: that is my Friday counsel for one an' all, whethah you choose to act upon it like an energized vampiah desprit to RAVAGE -- or a soul-drained corpse gaht no capacity for movement, thought, or even intrinsic kinda VALYOO regardin' WHATEVAH.

      My immediate mission now is HAYER -- an' how to flounce it out all delish for Friday night entertainmentstuffs.

      Would wanna say more on this WAIHAIHUAHUA biz, for sure, but rn I gotta fix up muh rat tails all smarto.

      Flights an' depths!


      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I know that AWAI has been around for a while - but no idea if it would 'translate'. Nor do I know how much difference there might be in appealing as a copywriter to different countries.

    Hopefully an experienced copywriter will see this and respond. Afraid I'm not much help.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    Life has no remote...
    Get up and change it yourself.
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    the last time i checked its maninly for english speaking market, but if it has changed you are best checking their website for further updates

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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    You can ask your question here, this was in today's email from AWAI.

    Wednesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. ET
    B2B Writers International -- Ask Me Anything with Lisa Christoffel
    B2B Writers International Members Only
    Location: B2B Writers International Facebook Group
    Every week, B2B Writers International Managing Editor Lisa Christoffel is online in the members-only Facebook Group for a live coaching hour.

    B2B Writers International members can ask Lisa about anything ... business-building and client questions, copy you'd like some feedback on, getting started in your B2B copywriting endeavors ... just ask, and she'll give you the advice you need!
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  • So I dug deep into one of my memory sticks - the one with just about every copy course worth looking at.

    Alas, the AWAI course procured 20 plus years ago has run off with another megabite.

    But I do remember enjoying it.

    And I don't see why it wouldn't apply to the German market (same with any other course).

    Human nature is within a view degrees universal.

    Just delve out the techniques you want to use - and ask yourself if it needs a touch of tinkering for your specific audience.

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