Best AI for spell checking & grammar (2024)?

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Whilst I have used Gemini the most for inspiration, as I find it's great for giving a more or less formal output, I still find it's not great for grammar. Perhaps being UK based, I see it more as an American English!?

I will say though, that I'm far from a professor when it comes to this kind of thing.

I also use grammarly, but I find aspects of it very annoying. The-fact-it-wants-to-join-everything-up-annoys-me. That being said, I still use it on top of MW Word spell check.

I guess at the moment, I use WM Word + grammarly + Gemini (bard).

For some reason gpt turns me off, not really sure why.

Thoughts welcome.
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  • Naht a huge fan of AI.

    Plus also spell checkahs leave me cold.

    Thing is, all external writin' aids (be they "helpful" in-app schwango or from-on-high proclamatorials of the bots) come with their own POV an' arbitrarily proscribed roolz.

    That is why I prefer dusty tomes fulla writin' advice from like 1849 I cain't evin parse straight without cocktails by the bucketload.

    So ima straddlin' a horse here on this one buttween usin' the latest availabyool tools an' kinda wingin' it.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I've used a simple one called Quillbot. You should check it out.

    designing $100 landing pages, and talking business philosophy...

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    Plus also spell checkahs leave me cold.

    PB - that's because you confuse the hell out of them!
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    • Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      PB - that's because you confuse the hell out of them!
      Aw, c'mon -- I simply bein' NICE to evrywan in a catalytically creative cuppassity!

      Bcs evry contemporary typo is puttenshly the future's next kinda hypo!

      You jus' gotta sidestep convenschwaahn sumtimes with a view to hittin' on the miraculous.

      Meantimes, for nowan knows the game you playin', figure you jus' gottah meandah from noplace to noplace else lookin' like a ditz.


      Hey, but on a good day I can kinda take it.

      Bcs I do look, rathah more often than I would care to admit, like a ditz.

      Could be time to git muh nails done & inject BABOON'S ASS quantities of botox into muh lips ...

      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    best ai for grammar: microsoft word.

    yeah. i said it.

    fight me?!

    not a ninja.

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  • for sure we could circle on out till'n we get to the point/period.

    an' ain't Hit vs Bleed the worst kinda dilemma gowin'?

    *consults the Where-I-am-Webster vs Grammah Gal vs AI-gonna-makeya-look-stoopid-anyways axis*

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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