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I have studied quite a bit of ad and copy psychology in the past year, and enjoyed learning about persuasion and subconscious techniques work.

I am now in medical school and starting to learn about patient interviews.

I know that NLP is big into eye-movement and communication styles, but any other information would be appreciated to create rapport and "persuade" patients to tell me the truth.

I started wondering what techniques could be taken from ad psychology and copywriting, and could be used to elicit information from patients in real life. What are your ideas?
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    There are lots of things you can do to gain rapport. But before you try them just learn to pay attention to people and you'll notice certain behaviors and behavioral trends. Here are a few:

    Right and Left Brain Orientation
    Right brain folks tend to see the big picture while left brain dominant people focus more on details. If you remember the old TV show, the odd couple, those two guys were polar opposites on the right and left-brain orientation scale.

    So when you recognize one or the other you can gain rapport by delivering your message in a way a person will relate. For example, left brainers like lists and plans and order. Right brainers are more likely to just want to wing it. This goes beyond just interpersonal communication and can be useful in copywriting as well.

    Moving Toward or Away From
    This deals with motivation. There are only two motivators, fear and greed. People have trouble with those words sometimes so you might substitute 'enthusiastic desire' for greed. The kernel here is that all people switch off from one to the other depending on circumstances but still, everyone has a natural tendency for one or the other.

    Some people move toward rewards while others move away from negative consequences. My dad primarily moved away from consequences and thought that was the way to motivate me. So he'd point out all the crappy stuff that would happen to me if I didn't look neat, get good grades, go to church, etc.

    He once pointed out a guy fishing through a trashcan and told me that would be my future unless I got good grades. I was insulted. Had he pointed out a guy getting into a limo with a babe on each arm, now that would have made a difference because I'm wired more to rewards than consequences.

    Some people make sense of the world by noticing how things are alike. Some make sense of the world by noticing how things are different. I was married to a gal for a long time who sorted by difference.

    I'd get up in the morning and say something like, looks like a nice day coming... From that point on she'd be on a cloud finding expedition. Until I learned this stuff I just thought she was unreasonably contrary. But she was just being herself according to her physiological wiring.

    You gain rapport by noticing stuff like this in people and then delivering your message in a way that appeals to them. Same goes for copywriting only there, you have to blend many possible approaches so you end up relating to a very broad audience. There's your mini-NLP lesson for the day. Good luck in med school!
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