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UPDATE: I have contacted all my initial workers. If you sent me an email and samples I will keep it in mind when/if I need future writers. Thanks to everyone who submitted.

I need copywriters for a $3 million launch we will be doing in fall 2010. Since I will be managing the launch I won't be doing the copy myself, only supervising and tweaking it.

I also have lots of little projects (like two this coming week) where I would like to have a couple of people on hand to write some copy for me.

Here's what I am going to do...

I want to get 5-7 beginning copywriters who want to learn how to write copy in my style. You will be writing emails, short-form copy, catalog copy, squeeze page copy, adwords landing page copy, advertorials--you will learn to write it all.

The pay for each piece of copy will vary, but it will be consistent with the quality of the work you provide. If you do a good job you'll get work regularly from me. If not you probably won't hear from me again.

You need to be able to write quickly and according to guidelines you are given.

Here's how you can apply:

Send an email (NO PRIVATE MESSSAGES!!!) with your contact information and sample(s) of your copy work either attached or linked to from the body of the email. You can send your email to:

Kevin (at)

If you can't figure out the above, then you're not smart enough for this work. If you can't follow the directions above, then you're not smart enough for this work.
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