This Page Averages 200 hops per day but has only generated 11 sales ever. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey guys,

I have this product called The Wordpress Classroom. I've sold hundreds of copies of it already through ad swaps and promos to my own list. I finally got it approved on Clickbank about 2 months ago...

In the first couple of days of this being on Clickbank, it generated about 10 sales and seemed to convert at about 4%. Since then I've gathered more and more affiliates and it's now to a point where it averages about 200 hops per day.

For some reason though, sales have nose-dived. It's now converting at less than 1/2 of a percent.

Tons of people have told me that it's a great product and that I over-deliver like crazy. I just can't figure out why this page isn't converting. I'm also baffled by the fact that it was off to a good start in the beginning and now all of the sudden it doesn't convert.

Is there anyone that could give me some insight as to why this might be happening?

I know it's a good product. I've sold hundreds of copies with only a couple refunds. I get people e-mailing me all of the time telling me how much they love the product and how I've really helped them. I think I just need better copy.

Here's the link:
The Wordpress Classroom - Learn Wordpress Step By Step

Thanks so much in advance,
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    I would love to hear what the good copywriters say about this.
    My opinion:
    Your sales page are not that good, although you did get a 4% conversion.

    Your conversion might even be much higher if you get a good copywriter!

    But yeah, your sales taking a nose dive doesn't make sense!
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    Matt, there's quite a few things I would change - starting with your headline. There's too much about "you" and not enough about "me", for starters. OK so you've got this thing to the point where it pays your mortgage. I could care less. Will it pay mine? And whack your main benefit in the head. So it might be something like -

    "This Wordpress System
    Will Only Take You
    1 Hour a Week
    and Can Pay
    Your Mortgage"

    That's a pretty ordinary headline but you get my drift? What's in it for me?

    I'd also make the bodycopy longer. Spell out what they're getting. Put benefits in bullet points.

    This post of mine might help you -

    cheers mate, Mal.
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    A few observations. Your headline is weak, vague. You're squandering valuable real estate with a lukewarm headline and a screenshot of PayPal earnings. My point is, you're wasting all that space above the fold without telling your readers what you have and why they need it. I'd bet your stats show that people are leaving after being on the page for 20 seconds or less.

    Then, when you get started you still don't get to the point. You've got to grab the reader immediately and tell them how learning WP is going to make them money. Period. Forget about paying the mortgage. There are too many people out there who won't relate to that a single bit.

    Then you go into your story about WP. That's fine but before you start down that road the reader needs to know why he's reading about it. As the page stands now it's more about you than them. That's a common mistake. Yes, you build credibility by illustrating what you've done, but only after showing them that there's a good and profitable reason to care what you've done.

    Again, hit them in the face right up front with the major benefits of learning WP in a pre header and the headline. Then open the letter with something bold. Something like: Using WP wisely will dramatically increase your sales.

    That's something they don't need to stop and think about... something they will want to know more about.

    From there you can lighten up some and develop certain summary points. Once you've got the strong headline and initial copy, speak to your key benefits and relate them to how they will use them to make money. It always needs to come back to the money. That's why they're reading in the first place.

    Smart and Profitable Marketers Use WP Because Google Loves It...
    Smart Marketers Like You Need To Get Up To Speed With WP Because...

    Then tell them why and relate it to the prize. Only then is what you've done (earnings screenshots, testimonials, etc.) relevant. Good luck.
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    It totally makes sense to me that you sold a bunch of these when you were doing list swaps, but saw the bottom fall out once it hit the open market.

    The lists were, no doubt, targeted toward people hoping to make a profit. The name of your product...

    "The Wordpress Classroom"

    ...and the sub-title...

    "Learn Wordpress step by step"

    ...and the mini-pitch at the very top...

    "Finally! Everything you ever need to know about Wordpress in one place!"

    ...every one of those is gathering traffic and making promises to a huge crowd of people, all of whom want to know HOW TO USE WORDPRESS.

    Then, they get there, and as soon as they see the headline, they realize they've been bamboozled, and are instead getting...

    "my easy system that pays my mortgage on autopilot!"

    WHAT!!!??? I wanted instructional information, and suddenly I'm getting get-rich-quick information. Even if your sales pitch is well-done, it doesn't matter. You're selling a business proposition to a crowd hungry for technical instruction. It's like calling a tech support desk and having them try to sell you a timeshare in Costa Rica.

    If you want to test something that will improve your conversion rate on the cheap, change the title and the tagline before you go screwing around with the copy in slow and expensive ways. The copy could certainly be improved, too...even for selling a money-making product. But I think your percentages will go up if instead of "Wordpress Classroom: everything you need to know about WP in one place" you call it "Bundles-O-Wordpress-Cash: How to make oodles of money with your WP blog."

    Obviously, a terrible name, but at least it would attract prospects who wanted the type of product you're selling.
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    On a technical note, there's something wrong with your sliding pop-up. As I write this, the signup box continues to slide down my browser page, falling into the depths of blank space and stretching the scrollbar out like taffy.

    Runaway javascript like that could very well be crashing some browsers.

    For the record, I'm using Firefox 3.5.7.

    ... and it's still going!

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    Ask the Internet Marketing Geek
    <-- Happy to help with technical challenges <-- Free software to make your mini-sites fast and easy
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  • Matt,
    Oxbloom nailed it. PM him offer him to pay him a tip for his advice here and then pay him want he wants to fix it for you. His is one of the best critiques offered on this forum.

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    Thanks so much to everyone for all of the advice. I think my best route here is to just bite the bullet and hire a copy writer. I think it's a good product and I think it could sell a lot more than it has with some good copy.

    I'm going to removed the lightbox today. It seems to be hurting more than helping.

    Thanks again.
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    Hey Matt,

    Saw your sales page and here are my thoughts:

    - Like others said the headline should reveal the biggest benefit. off the top of my head...

    "How You Can Use An Easy Wordpress System, Only Taking 1 Hour Per Week, To Put Loads of Cash In Your Pockets"

    "It's So Powerful You Could Pay Your Mortage Payments On Auto-Pilot!"

    - Reading the sales hook is fine. Good job building credibility. My problem is after you introduce the product you kind of fall flat conveying the benefits. Try to elaborate on the benefits so you can effectively hit those emotional triggers.

    Hope that helps
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    Hey Matt, were you the one driving traffic when it hit 4%? It may be how the affiliates are driving traffic to the page that is hurting your conversion.

    I could probably tank your conversion rate even more in the next hour by sending you 1,000 visitors I bought at a penny a click.

    The traffic source is one of the biggest factors in conversion rates. Often more so than the copy.

    Stephen Dean
    Free Coaching WSO: How to finish all your 2013 "Goals" in JANUARY with my proven productivity secrets - taken from 9 years working as a freelance copywriter. Click Here

    Occupation: Best Copywriter Ever.
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    Another vote for oxbloom hitting the nail on the head, your offer doesn't match the name of your site. Wordpress Classroom should be about teaching how to use different plug-ins and real geeky stuff that confuses your average wordpress user.

    I've just looked at the site, and currently your headline is in small text, and you've got 2 screen shots showing money & traffic stats. Why should that make me want to read more?

    Also it's actually quite a short sales letter, and on quickly scanning it was dificult to figure out the price. I think that $67 is quiet expensive given that people are now buying with cash rather than credit, so dropping the price would be worth testing.

    Also when I watched a video about the belcher button I'm sure it said that you should also have the price written in words underneath it, and both linking directly to the payment page.

    Lastly it may be worth finding out where your affiliates are getting the traffic from so you know if this is the problem.
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    Some outstanding advice here. I'm taking notes!

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      Originally Posted by Bret Ferguson View Post

      Some outstanding advice here. I'm taking notes!
      There definitely is! Thanks so much to everyone who has responded. I'm working on some of the changes right now and I'm in talks with a pro to get the copy taken care of.

      I remember why I love the Warrior Forum!

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        Hey Matt,

        Try adding a few free bonuses, and 2 or 3 enticing "PS" at the bottom of your page.

        And you also need to change your headline, people don't care what you "got" but what they can "get", yes... people are that egotistic =)

        Edit: Hope you get your sales page sorted, looking forward to see what you have done with it.

        Edit: I love wordpress =)
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    How is your product any different to the free wordpress vid tutorials you can get online by searching for it on google or on YouTube for example??

    Maybe you should be more specific & give a bit more detail as to what you're actually teaching. All you've said in the copy is that there are 8 vids on installing, more on tweaking, more on cool features.

    Also display couple of the bonuses you're offering
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    Hey Matt, I see new products/offers do this all the time. High conversions then drop don't know the 'real' conversion rate until you get at least 20 conversions.

    I'm not a professional copy writer, but I get what I would call decent returns (about $.50 - $1 in sales for every unique visitor) by running a squeeze page first, then following up with them, letting them know I'm here for them, showing them some case studies etc and maybe an ethical bribe or two. I find that very few of the people who buy actually ask the questions...they just want to know there's somebody real on the other side of things.

    Oh, and you might want to change your font to verdana for the main sales portion, it just reads a lot easier for internet savvy folk.
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      Hi Matt,

      I really like the page, though it still comes across a bit HARD SELL for my gentle Irish palette. Still, it's good.

      Your free intro video on YouTube (dJS8qpEgrNs) is great, and I can't believe it has only been viewed 54 times!

      Perhaps it would be an idea to incorporate that video into your page because the video shows that you are a human, a middle class American, and apparently a nice guy and someone who knows what he's talking about. In other words, where the hard sell might damage your credibility, the video is completely reassuring, and to me anyway, it sells the product better than any sale text could.
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