What is the best way to break into copywriting or freelance copywriting?

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I have done some reasearch on copywriting. It seems to be a very interesting and profitable career field. However, I have no clue on how anyone would go about starting a career in this field. I am particularly interested in freelance copywriting. I was wondering if anyone out here had any good advice or tips on how to start out in this business. I would like to start on a part time basis doing freelance work and hopefully take it from there.
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    In your research, you have undoubtedly figured out the way to start is write a letter. Then you send it out.

    You're selling yourself. It's not all that different from the products and services your research must have turned up when you read all those books.

    So, the best way to start is demonstrate you know copywriting and are not merely asking clients for money just so you can practice on them.

    Because the market for that is close to zero.

    Since your research also should have turned up the phrase "Copy is Salemanship in Print" get a sales job -- one with sales training. One I'm familiar with is Kirby vacuums.

    Sell a vacuum cleaner by knocking on doors and getting the home owner to invite you in, and you'll find client meetings are a snap. (I went from 38 doors knocked for one success to one in four ...that's a 25% response on cold calls kids).

    Sell a vacuum for $1957 when the owner has a working vacuum they spent under $200 on, and asking for what you're worth is going to be relatively easy.

    And the absolute worst way to start is looking for a shortcut. Because what I just posted is the shortcut.
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      Sounds like a great ebook, on how you did that, John.

      Maybe even better than the famous "How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling"

      When you write it, I'm buying.

      "How I went from <<micropercent>> to 25% Conversions Cold-Callling Housewives -- Selling a $2000 Vacuum Cleaner To Women Who Already Had A Working One."

      (Okay -- not great -- but it follows my headline process I outlined in another post. First get the idea out there...
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    Actually I was considering that for a throwaway article in the Warrior database.

    The real problem with starting out as a copywriter is mistaking bravado for skill.

    You get in front of a real, live business person, and they proceed to neatly remove the copy cub's head ...then hand it back to them.
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      Hi sara1987

      A good idea maybe taking a creative writing course at a community college.
      That should help you out alot. Also maybe you could run a search for an online e-course on creative writing. You also might be able to find an e-book on the subject. Also search for something in the area of "how to write a good salescopy" for a an e-course/ebook. Lastly, search for an online "writing forum" or writer's. They could help you out as they might already be involved in the field and then you could network with them!

      Well, good luck sara1987
      Post if you find something and let us know

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