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Hi Folks

OK, so I bumped into another bad banner ad a few minutes ago. I'm
deciding to collect some bad banners to eventually show my copywriting
students, but I couldn't resist the urge to share the 2 I've collected so far.

See if you agree with me that these are "bad banners" or not. A banner is
basically just a graphic ad designed to do one thing... to get people to

Here's the one I just came across:


This banner is certainly big on the call to action... "Click Here For More
Details"... but just WHY would I want to do so? Because you've told me to,
in big letters, in orange?

Oh, it's because I can get a discount. On WHAT, for heaven's sake? :confused:

The only actual clue as to why I might want to click is the small words,
"Pioneers of home learning".

Ummmm.... okkkk.

You know what's ironic? I clicked the link, and... they're selling a

Now, maybe they're running some clever experiment to find out how little
information they can tell people in a banner... but I can only presume they
have money to throw away. I only clicked on the banner because I wanted
to know who I wasn't going to buy from!

Folks, make sure you provide people with really good reasons to click your
banner... or for that matter, any advertising link... pay-per-click,


This one came up while I was on another forum. Apart from the fact that I
could hardly read the text.... just, what the...?

There's a "Buy Now!" button on a banner ad? WHAT am I supposed to be
buying? What the heck is "UK energy tr"... or "Power generation
expenditure fo"... supposed to mean? At least finish a sentence, please!

When I clicked the link, this company was selling a £5,200 report. Nice

But the point is, if you're going to be charging £5,200 for your reports...
hire someone who can design a banner that has some coherence, offers
some benefits, and at least gives me a clue as to what I'm "buying now".

OK... what do you think of these banners? Good? Bad?

Seen any "bad banners" yourself lately?
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    I think you're spot on with your assessment of both. I also think you could use up half the available bandwidth in the free world compiling your collection. There, I've said it.
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      I think you're spot on with your assessment of both. I also think you could use up half the available bandwidth in the free world compiling your collection. There, I've said it.
      Very true... and, you know, that should give inspiration to the many marketers on here, when they see how many of these companies need real marketing help!
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      Paul, that's a good head up for us guys to
      start seeing just how bad offline businesses
      are marketing.

      I hope you post a few more examples.

      But I do get your point.
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    these banners are horrible. well done your right. if you know anyone who can create great ones please pm me.

    Kind Regards

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    It never ceases to amaze me how many marketers (guys with MBAs even) don't use a call to action.

    My housemate thinks it's weird because I critique TV ads all the time... most of which are great EXCEPT for the fact that they ignore the call to action.

    On the subject of banners... in my opinion they should be like a mini-headline.

    "Click here to discover..."

    "Exposed: the xxx of the xxx... click here to learn more!"


    Does anyone else have ideas for effective banner ads? It's something I've been interested in lately.


    Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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      No offense to the designers, because they took directions from somebody. But somebody got paid $5 to design these.

      Move on. It's not worth our time.

      - Rick Duris.
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