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Hi all,

A week or so ago I launched a PDF copywriting report in the War Room.

It's been well received and I thought the heavy content packed into its 74 pages might be useful to guys and gals who frequent this sub-forum. Hence this post to point you the thread.

There's no opt-in but you do have to be a member of the War Room to view it.

It also helps if you hold a progressive attitude towards public nakedness.

Here's the link...

-- Ross
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    Thanks very much, that looks like a very useful report.


    When life gives you lemons, at least you don't get scurvy.

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      Great job on this report, Ross. You're an excellent writer.


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        Originally Posted by Kevin Rogers View Post

        Great job on this report, Ross. You're an excellent writer.

        Kevin, thank you. I look back to the day I read your own report as a turning point of sorts where I had a bunch of valuable lightbulb moments.

        --- Ross
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        Congrats on putting this together.

        You've got your basic level skills together but you need to ramp up certain skill sets.

        In particular, your bullets need the most work.

        Try switching to A-B or A-B-C bullets.

        It will go a long way.

        Good job.

        Harlan D. Kilstein Ed.D.
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          Harlan, thanks for reading and for the constructive comments.
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    Thanks, Ross, I love some of your grabby prose, such as the death-dropping elevator!
    Find out how you can produce powerful, fist-pumping profits with a rock-em, sock-em sales system created by a former robotics engineer who rips apart winning sales copy to see what makes it tick so she make yours even better…PM me for details
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    I read this when it was in the War Room, all I can say is 'GO GET IT NOW'. Three highly successful sales letters stripped down to their bare bones.

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    Your site is back up and the link is works.
    Thank you

    PS I hope some day to write like you do. It's fun to read unlike a lot of copy.
    So a second thanks for being a role model.


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