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Hey all--I thought this was really interesting, and wanted to share it with all you other copywriters. If anything, it's a good spark for your creativity when trying to come up with the perfect headline.

Overweight Women - 23% do not wear shorts (or do not wear them in public) because of their weight.

Overweight Men - Only 2% percent of them stay away from shorts because of their weight.

This makes sense, right? I mean women are more worried about their looks then men. Or so one would think...

45% of overweight men try not to go shirtless in public. And they specifically claim it is because of their weight!

NOW who worries more about their looks?

And what does this mean? We can use the SHORTS in an ad targeting women, and a good number of them will identify with it. But you can't use it for men. It just won't reach them.

For men--we talk about shirts!
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