Looking For A Pro Copy Writer To Assist With Email Copy, Sales Page Copy, And Sales Video Script

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Hello Copy Warriors,

My name is Tommy Bussey. My company (newly named as 323 Ventures) is in the process of launching a product called GYM 2.0. In our first launch in the fitness industry (August 2009), one of the main areas we saw that needed improvement was our sales copy.

I'm looking for a professional copy writer to assist in a few different things. Our emails typically pull very strong numbers (but your help on those will be needed). The main area you will be focusing on is a sales video script and some light sales page copy.

Please send me a PM with some examples/testimonials/stats/etc. Whatever you want me to know about you and why this job should be given to you. I'm not asking for a price quote yet as I will expect that only after you know more details about the job (obviously ).

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your time.

- Tommy Bussey
323 Ventures, President
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