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Hey everyone,

Over the past few days I've seen multiple posts talking about some of the "smaller" things you can do in a salesletter to get higher conversions.

These would be things like: Having a drop cap in the first paragraph, having "dear friend" say something more personal, having a short headline, etc. etc. etc.

And while these things may (and usually do) improve your conversions - I think a lot of copywriters are missing the big picture.

(Although thanks for those posts...they were very good for the people who should be reading them!)

You see...those are the types of things you can worry about AFTER you've become a master copywriter.

When you're just beginning and haven't yet seen what it's felt like to do something like triple your clients conversions, you need to focus on doing more RESEARCH and simply being a better salesman...not the little things like a different background color!

Sure those little things can give you small increases...but if you do enough research and understand your market well enough, you can see conversions go sky-high, instead of just up a few percent.

For example - "dear friend".

If you have a headline that's so compelling to your audience that they NEED to read that letter, do you really think they care about if that line says dear friend, dear internet marketer, dear pet lover, etc.?


They're looking for a solution to a problem (usually) and you need to give it to them on a silver platter.

My advice to beginning-intermediate copywriters is this.

Spend 80% of your time learning to be a better salesman by doing more research, studying sales, and learning how to simply write more persuasively...and only 20% of your time learning the newest "trick" you can use to increase your conversions 5-10%.

Trust me...your clients will love you for it
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    I agree. It's also the same problem with every aspect of the business. The inexperienced don't know where they should focus most. As much as forums are fantastic, it's just an unfortunate bi-product of having too many people trying to help. The perfect example in the main forum is the "build a list" crowd, which is absolutely NOT the advice to give somebody who clearly has no selling experience.

    Nothing wrong with any of the information, nothing wrong with forums, but some things need to be clarified every now and then before it leads to mis-information. Seems to fall on deaf ears unfortunately.

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      Very well said Lee - it's exactly the information being given that's's that the information is being given to the wrong people at the time.

      And that's not the fault of any forum members or anything like that - they/we're only trying to help...but without understanding that persons's almost impossible to know what information to give.

      Jeremy Reeves is a 6-figure sales copywriter who has made his clients MILLIONS of dollars in EXTRA profit with advanced marketing strategies and ninja-like conversion tricks.

      He puts most of his time and energy into what he's found to be the most profitable secret he's ever discovered.

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    Reeveso, you make a very good point and I would add one more thing along with learning how to be a better sales person; I would also spend time learning about your customer and your market in great detail.
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