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Hey guys,

Just a couple quick questions about Fonts for Headers in a Copy.

First off what are the Ideal Fonts to use for a Header in a copy? I know Arial is quite popular but is there any general rule of the group that should typically be used.

Also is it ok to mix fonts in a Copy in terms of the font used for various subheads.

ie. One header using Cambria, another uses Arial, another Calibri. Or is this a major Faux Pas?

My copy is all done for a new site I'm working on but I'm trying to tweak the fonts so that it looks its best and I was stuck on this.
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    The standard font choices are usually Tahoma for headlines and subheads and Verdana for the body copy. But any easily readable sans-serif font should be suitable (e.g. Arial).

    If you're marketing to the less computer literate then it might be worth testing standard serif fonts (e.g. Times New Roman) as that's what they'll be use to reading.

    As a rule don't use more than 2 fonts per page.

    Andrew Gould

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