Do you think it is okay to copy another copywriters "formatting" or "page style"?

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I dont know why this is bothering me but it is.

There is a copywriter whoms formatting I absolutely love. I dont know why, but it is very easy on the eyes, everything is much clearer and easier to read.

I made the changes to my sales letters, I didnt change the wording at all, just the "style" of the page to look like his.

And conversions did increase a little. So obviously I would like to keep using it.

So here is my dilemma. I want to keep using this format, yet I cant help but feel a little "copy- cat-ish" (real word?).

I respect this person a lot, he is actually here on the warrior forum.

Just to be clear though, it is just text and a button that is freely available elsewhere. There is nothing "proprietary" about it. Its just a sales letter but, in my opinion done better.

So, am I just being a sissy? Should I just keep using it. Its not like he has done anything earth shattering with the page, its just looks nice to me.


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    I've swiped from and been swiped by
    some of the best in the game... it an occupational hazard.

    In fact, one of my letters was swiped
    so masterfully, in direct competition
    with mine... that I incorporated their
    product into the backend of mine.

    Their (my) letter was wickedly good.

    It's par for the course, man.

    Don't sweat it, I wouldn't.

    For example, I love Erik Stafford's
    design style and steal from him
    liberally - and will continue to do
    so until he pays me off in rum or
    asks me to take a long walk on a
    short pier.

    On the other hand... there are those
    that literally just copy and paste the
    whole kit and caboodle - copy, design,
    carefully coded CSS, flash players...

    THAT is totally NOT COOL.

    Hell, I remember Vin saying some
    clown had lifted his entire site like
    FOUR TIMES. Every time he shuts
    the joker down, up pops a new one.

    Faced with that, who'd get worked
    up over an order form or CSS style?

    Hope that helps,

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    You can, copy anyone's format and that is fine. copying their words and making it identical to their work can, possibly cause you some issues. People build swipe files, as already mentioned and use it for their copy all the time.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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      Thanks guys

      Your right, just sometimes it is nice to bounce it off someone else.

      I will continue to use it, add to it, take other stuff out. I am not against "swiping" but somehow I didnt like the idea of "copying".

      I mean really it is only the design of the copy, how it is layed out, a certain type of button.

      If it makes me millions, I will be sure to send him a pm

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