I NEED a slogan for my retail store

by tmtech
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I am desperately looking for a good slogan for my retail pet supplies store. I will gladly pay any copywriter a quick $25 to come up with a good slogan for me.

I like PetSmarts slogan. They say: "We love to see happy, healthy pets"

I'm looking for something similar but different...

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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    Pets were born to be happy

    Healthy pets are happy pets
    Happy pets are healthy pets

    Happy pets - happy owners
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    Thanks for your comments. Something is just not clicking for me yet. No offense at all guys.
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    Your pet's health and happiness is our reward

    Healthy, happy pets - we love 'em!
    Happy, healthy pets - we love 'em!

    We are happy when your pets are

    Happy, healthy pets is what we love
    Happy, healthy pets - that is what we love

    Happy, healthy pets makes us smile

    None taken... thx for some Monday afternoon challenge :p
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    " For Your Healthy Pets "

    " Because We Care Your Pets "

    " Your Pet is Our Care "

    " Pet's Favorite "

    " For Healthy and Happy Pets Only "

    " Best Choice for Happy Pets "
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      Hi tmtech,

      What you're basically asking is to pull a rabbit out of our collective hat with no input or data.

      Three (serious) questions:

      1. What makes your pet supplies store different, better or unique?

      2. What are the slogans for your other local competitors. In other words, you want to differentiate yourself from them, yes?

      3. Tell us a little bit about your business. How you got started. What your hopes and dreams are for it and what your commitment is to your customers and their pets. Open up and share. Give us something to work with.

      Think hard, do the research and share with us and then we'll be happy to contribute to you. And if I win, you can donate the $25 to your local animal shelter.

      - Rick Duris
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      Hey TM,

      Coming up with a quick slogan without knowing much else
      about your store is tough.

      For example:

      What is your USP?

      If you have a fully functional dog/pet socialization area... or whatever...
      you could swipe from Chuck E. Cheese: "Where a pet can be a pet."

      To me, a slogan is just a brief statement of your unique selling point.

      Think of FedEx: "The world on time." Originally, "When it absolutely has to be there tomorrow."

      Decide what is unique about your store. Why should I go there vs another pet retailer?

      Heck, think of this: "TM's Pet Supply: Guaranteed To Keep Your Pet Healthy/Happy/From peeing on the carpet" etc.

      Anyway, I'm in a bit of a rush, but I hope you get some value out of this.


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    I should've known Rick would beat me to it.
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    Your Pets are your life... live life to the max
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    I'd want to know more about what sets you apart, too, but in the meantime, here are a couple off the top of my head:

    Because pets are family.

    Pets are people, too!

    People need pets, and pets need us. (as in, Pets need Rick's Pet Supplies)
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    Providing you don't cater exclusively to reptiles or birds, try this:

    We Keep Your Kitty Purring & Your Pup's Tail Wagging... :rolleyes:
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    Where Heavy Pettin' Happens...
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