Effective craigslist services offered ads

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What has proved to create a high click through rate for service offered postings?

What to put in the title.

What to put in the content.
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    One great technique with CraigsList is to create an ad image. Their robots can't read the image so as long as you don't spam it you will get a long lasting ad.

    As for headlines you really need to think of what the biggest problem of your customer is and then solve that problem with your headline.
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    I have had a lot of Success with adding a single character and giving a direct answer to the problem in my ads.

    Then I have someone checking the emails at all times, if not me I work with two other people and we send a short sales copy with a few quick bullets and a link. When I say short I mean no more then 200 words, I stick with 150 or less, and so that its not enough information that they either email me back or have to click the link for more details.

    I have had a lot of success with this method.

    I have also posted links into the post, usually to a video with a link to my site in the caption. That also has had a decent click through rate and I only had 1 ad flagged, and that was because I mistakenly put the ad in the wrong category. With that method.
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    I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

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    Below is a partial post from a guy that really knows CL.
    It is a bit lengthy but he answers some important questions.
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    I’ll have someone send me something to look at where 50 of their posts are ghosted… but all 50 posts have www.Samelink.com in the AD. All of them… Not gonna fly people.

    CL filters are much tighter these days, especially when it comes to links. They now spider Links posted in your Ads. If you have a IP tracking web counter you can actually see this visit. If your posting 10 Ads using the same obvious links – CL can easily take notice and intervene by simply ghost blocking your link. Not good…

    I’m getting emails from people posting the same link in 50 Ads in a row. I’m getting emails from people who log into a PVA and post 20 Ads in a row. I’m getting emails from people who post full on direct affiliate links in their AD bodies. None of this will work anymore…

    In almost any case where someone was positive that their accounts were “broken”, I am able to log in with my IP and post a clean AD that goes live in 10 mins. There have been 1-2 people that have seemingly inexplicable issues, but for the most part it’s just “dirty” AD bodies or busted IP ranges.

    CL is different, more difficult but still viable. Please please please run some tests before assuming your accounts absolutely don’t work. As hesitant as folks are to make changes to their campaigns, these older methods simply will not work anymore.

    Like it or not your going to need to look into:
    • Ditching repeating links (urls or images) and making for uniqueness / variety by using multiple URLS that all forward to your landing page. Very Important my comment.
    • Watch both clickable links and links that display image Ads. Images need to be hosted via unique links and the destination of the click falls under the same rules as the first point above.
    • DO NOT post ridiculous characters in your AD title. No need for stars, infinity symbols, hearts, smiley’s or 100 exclamation marks. Aside from making your AD look unprofessional and spammy… CL is taking action against it.
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    Oh great - so now we're showing people how to spam Craigs List.

    Hang on - some idiot spammer has resurrected this thread of 5/3/2010
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    Your headline is the first thing people see, so that's the most important thing to begin with. Your headline has to entice them enough to want to click on the ad. If they don't, it doesn't matter how good your offer is because they'll never see it.

    You should come up with at least 15-20 headlines and choose the best one from those. Craigslist is a good free way to pick up a few clients here and there, but be very careful not to spam it.
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