Selling Out To A Publisher?

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Hi all,

Have not been on this part of the forum in a bit but would like to ask some advice. It would be greatly appreciated.

I've been in IM full-time for about a year now. My original subject was one I was very passionate about (renting houses). I cut my teeth on a lot of different marketing methods and made ok money. More importantly I made more money in the lessons I learned in marketing than the original subject.

I'm seriously thinking of selling all my content to McGraw-Hill though. I used to be a trades book writer and think I can sell much larger amounts of books through them then on my own. Plus I can really use the money to invest more into what is working for me in Internet Marketing.

I used to write for McGraw-Hill and luckily have a connection there so my question is, should I sell out for a rather large royalty advance check?
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    Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    Yes. Hell yes. Absolutely.
    Lol! My worry is McGraw-Hill will want "All Rights" so I can't really use the same material to make a lot of money in a longer period of time.

    In other words, do I go for a bit of money now or much more money later?

    I personally think I can just sell it now and start something else I am more passionate about.

    This whole IM business seems to be one of selling your passion so why not!
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    Take the money and RUN!!!
    If your a good writer there are hundreds of other things to make money off of
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      Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

      John, you are smart to sit on this and think it out. To take
      the money and run is mistake.

      I don't know what you have so I (and obviously the others)
      can't make a sound call.

      Don't jump over dollars to get to the dimes. If your information
      is valuable, get all you can for it. If M.H. will give you what you
      feel is a fair payday, do it.

      Just don't grab the cash and dash. That money is very little in
      the big picture and you will go through it fast.

      I am not saying it is wrong to take the money (more so since I
      do not know how much is involved), but I would not put my
      future in the hands of forum people.

      Seek out those you highly respect on the forum and ask them
      personally if you must ask. IMHO

      Good luck with whatever road you take.
      I have to agree with Paul. There must be a reason why the publishers want all the rights.

      Maybe they see the real value in your material.

      Is it stuff you could set up a site on and sell as reports?

      Having said that, it would depend on how large is large, and how desperate are you for the money...

      ... and could you come up with more material which won't conflict with what you give them?
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    Get an agent - an actual literary agent!

    Look here:

    Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc. - Home

    I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out

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  • My best advice, without seeing your product or your info - go with the publisher. Sort of.

    Get some of your material published with McGraw Hill (a great name to be published under, as it can never be confused with a self-publishing company and will give you excellent authority...)

    Then setup more advanced courses using that same info. Direct people from the book, to your advanced course. I'm sure McGraw hill will allow you to put something in there directing people back to your website, maybe in your bio or on the back cover, maybe even the Foreword.

    Instead of selling out and taking the quick cash, OR building an online business - sell out some, take some quick cash, and use it as a catalyst to build authority in your niche and sell MORE products.

    Seems to make the most sense to me.
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    I guess it would depend on how much they are willing to pay you. Yet, I have heard that getting an agent is the best way to go. They can sell your work and make sure you get paid well.
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    John- You're not sure yet if they WILL want all rights, but you have a connection. I don't know how close your connection is, but I would put out feelers first to see what way they want to go.

    Out of my element here, but just my initial thought when I read your post.

    Good luck,
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    Get an agent. There are so many traps you can fall into. An agent will make it worthwhile. My agent (who negotiated with McG-H) was worth every penny of her 15% (this was a few years ago; I still get royalties). If McG-H or any publisher gives you a healthy advance they'll do everything they can to make a profit. If they give you a piddly advance they are telling you they don't value your work and will do as little as possible to make money.
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    Just an update. I have decided to temporarily hold off as I made a major discovery on why it was not selling to the numbers I felt it should have. Once I fix a few things, I will wait just a bit more before deciding.

    Regarding an agent, I have tried this in the past with StudioB but was turned down just because I was not in the correct niche they were looking for clients in.

    Regarding rights, it is just their standard contract that they want ALL RIGHTS. It is negotiable (to some degree).
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    Hi John,

    I believe that being the original source of information is like finding a bottomless well of fresh, clean water. It never runs dry of resources.

    So maybe you can work out something like a series of books catered to different audiences? Like how "Chicken Soup for the Soul" did. So you've rental of house for maybe various districts, then you go into different target markets and so on.

    I really don't think you can "sell" away all that original information just because it doesn't end. Does it?

    Nazir - Aspiring Copywriter

    "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Sir W. Churchill

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