How To Easily Use The Power Of Your Headlines To Get Tons Of Traffic!

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Hello Omari Taylor here,

In this post I just wanted to speak about headlines and how easy it is to put a super powerful headline together to get tons of traffic. First of all, every network marketer should know that your headline is one of the most important things period when marketing online. Just like the headline I use in this post. It made you interested enough to check it out.

Anyway, really quick to keep this post short for you all, a headline that has been here since the beginning of time and will never lose it's power is the "How To" headline. Just like the headline I used on this post, with "How To" you can never go wrong. Just write "How To XYZ" and put in whatever you would like. This type of headline one of the most effective headlines being used online right now.

One more for you guys is, "Tips." For example "6 Tips To XYZ." You fill in the blank. If you want your articles read, you forum posts read and more, than keep these two time tested headlines models in mind whenever writing.

I have a lot more knowledge and if anyone has any question don't hesitate to ask. Also feel free to add your own tips on headlines to help others out.

Omari Taylor
"Service To Many Leads To Greatness!"
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    Great point.Thanks. Sometimes we over look the obvious.
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      To write a great headline, Gary Bencivenga suggests this forumla: I = B + C (Interest = Benefit + Curosity).

      According to Gary, "your level of interest is directly proportional to the presence of two factors: benefit and curiosity. Either one without the other is a devastating weakening."

      Here's the entire article ...

      Bencivenga Bullets | Bullet #23

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        I meandered over to the awai site looking for a bit of rather famous copy (by Agora founder Bill Bonner) and stumbled across this quite excellent article on headlines:

        Why “Grabbing Attention” Is Not Enough for a Truly Powerful Headline

        Incidentally, the piece of copy I was looking for is highlighted in the article.

        I've seen Agora and AWAI use variations on that piece of copy (usually as a lead) very powerfully. In fact, the AWAI masters course has a picture that fits somewhat nicely with it.
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          I am a big believer in the power of a good headline.

          Years ago I worked in Marketing for the Chamber of Commerce. I had been sending emails out to the member regarding Apprenticeships. The members were businesses and we were trying to get them interested in training their staff, as I worked for the Training Dept.

          For a long time we had been using emails without a headline. You know the sort of thing . . . we are the Chamber of Commerce . . . years of experience . . . we . . . we . . . we.

          We would get around 5 or 6 luke warm replies, over the following 2 weeks or so.

          It was around that time that I discovered copywriting and I decided to give what I had learnt a whirl. I wrote a benefit riddled email, based on the "what's in it for me" formula. All to do with the benefits of free funding and help with recruitment. But most importantly I added a headline.

          Would you like to know what it was? I will never forget the exact wording. The email went out at 10am monday morning, as usual. By 4pm the same day I had 16 RED HOT enquiries. In fact we struggled to deal with them all.

          Oh yes . . . the headline. "Use Government funding to slash your recruitment and training costs"

          Now don't get me wrong, it's not the best headline in the world, but I was very proud of it at the time. It certainly did a good job.

          I continued to get enquires for the rest of that week. I even had a couple of comments complimenting me on the email.

          So yes, I agree . . . never underestimate your headline.

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    Amazing how easy it is to forget. Good reminder there for me. I shall be leaning in on headlines more often. Many thanks!

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    Thanks Omar
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    Dear Omari,

    A little clarification needed here. This thread is about writing headlines for "tonnes of traffic". If that is possible, then any website on the net with a reasonably good headline will never have traffic problems, which is of course, untrue.

    Unless that headline happens to be the URL of the site and indexed on the search engines to be clicked on like this post.

    Be Well,
    - Tian Yan
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    Headlines grab people's attention.

    There are other factors that would hook these people's attention and get them glued to whatever message you wish to convey to them. And many other elements that would get the reader to actually do something that you want them to do - ordering your product, joining your affiliate program, subscribing to your list.

    The power of headlines to attract tons of traffic can be easily demonstrated in the realm of Adwords.

    Those Adwords ads attracting the most clicks tend to be those that stand out from the rest in terms of creativity or conveying the benefits to the viewer in the most impactful way.

    I guess the headline for this thread could be more accurate if it refers to attracting tons of link-click-through traffic - which is actually where most traffic on the internet comes from anyway...
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  • Profile picture of the author TianYan
    Dear Latiff,

    Hey man. Glad you caught me posting.

    Your explanation makes sense and I think I now
    understand what Omari was referring to now.

    Speaking of headline ideas, the best one I'm studying
    recently is utilizing 2 specific elements in the headline
    create intrigue and interest.

    You just need a irrefutable truth and an element of surprise.

    What's your favourite headline writing idea?

    Be Well,
    - Tian yan
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