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I never had this happen before, but I recently had a prospective client contact me about writing copy. The person seems like a cool guy. He talked about making money a lot, but when it came down to actually paying for copy, he didn't have any money and asked if I would accept gold chains, or some type of jewelry, sports watch, etc.

I was he serious? Even if I was into that kind of stuff, I had no idea if the merchandise was hot or what.

Anyway, I got a kick out of it and I'm just wondering has anyone else ever encountered similar offers? LOL!
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    You must submit this to Now. Hilarious story.

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      That's hilarious. Just wasted 15 minutes looking through the client stories on the site.
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    Well, some folks make their money in a cash-only economy and
    do not want to put their money in banks. Thus they buy things
    like gold for cash as ways to hold their money... sort of like
    royal families in the old days with their gold and jewels.

    You can read between the lines I think. If your client is going to
    "go straight" and launch a legit and legal product with your help
    that might be a good thing, keep him out of jail, prevent his
    children from growing up fatherless, and so forth.
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      "seems like a cool guy. He talked about making money" Sounds like "talking" is about it. This offer smells like the south end of a bull running north.
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        Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

        I had some guy offer me a biker jacket and some chaps...
        hopefully he did not intend on showing up wearing them...
        and nothing else
        Looks like Bidwell's gig at Naughty Nicks is going so well
        they want to add some "fresh meat" to their roster, eh?

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        Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

        I would do a trade for a Gibson Les Paul guitar, so the barter
        system is not that far fetched.
        Hands down: Yes!

        I would barter for that in a heart beat.

        Also for gold or silver bullion.

        Still rather have the guitar though...

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    Unrelated to copywriting, but still on topic:

    My uncle was a doctor in my home country. Some of the people were so poor they couldn't pay for the medicine or even to see a doctor. (There's no NHS there).

    So my uncle used to hold free surgery for the poor every Friday.

    But even on the other days, they used to visit him and pay him with groceries.

    As fas ar I know, he never accepted the groceries. He was a diamond, my uncle. Died young.

    A lot of people still miss him, even though he died over ten years ago.
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