What sort of info did you take notes on, if any. (Makepeace - QuickStart Copy Sys.)

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Hey Folks,

I've been digging into Clayton's course a lot more lately. While getting the materials out, I also decided to grab a spare notebook to, well, take notes.

I was just curious if anyone else that has gone through the course has decided to do the same and, if so, what sort of information you deemed to be the most important.

I suppose it really comes down to personal preference. However, some are better at taking notes than others and may or may not have a better criteria for such a thing.

Did you also apply the popular practice of writing a number of the samples by hand while studying? I'm more of a kinesthetic learner, so I think I would probably benefit from this, as it's probably the only method to make the info "hands-on". Well, minus actually writing your own piece of copy.

Although all of this may seem like a given, I figured I would "throw it out there" anyway. :rolleyes:


- Mike
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