Bore you - or ignore you - which is better?

by Rezbi
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New video from Drayton:

The Drayton Bird Blog: Bore you - or ignore you - which is better?

He sounds so serious in this one, but the message is extremely important, especially for email marketers.
#bore #communication #email marketing #ignore
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    I appreciate that Rezbi saves me time by pointing me to Drayton's valuable content.

    --- Ross
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      There's a good reason for it: I put the videos up and I edit his posts.

      What that means is, the guys here on the WF get a heads up even before Drayton's own list does.
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      Paul... if you updated them all then I'd be thankful to you too. Others may differ, but it would save a lot of time checking emails and hopping from site to site for updates.

      Handy shortcuts to great content by great writers works for me. And seems like Rezbi is gifting us a little inside dope too. So all the better.

      --- Ross
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        Tell you what I'll do, if I get more people whingeing than not, I'll stop posting Drayton's stuff here.

        Meanwhile, if you really have a problem with people promoting what's in their sig. file (the fact it's there should say something) feel free to remove yours.

        Lead by example.
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          Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

          I am not hiding the fact I am promoting myself. That's what sigs
          are for. Just be honest about it.

          Your Drayton video post had 37 views... not a hot topic.

          What I don't do is post my latest blogs on here under the
          guise of something else. All of us have blogs, should we
          all post a "special update"?

          If the mods allow it, I AM IN! I will be posting DAILY blogs
          cause daddy needs a new car.

          p.s. I wont bust your balls anymore Rezbi, but watch the views
          on this thread grow. Drama = interest. No thanks necessary
          So I'm hiding my blog posts?

          The fact that they're there, in my sig. file, staring everyone in the face, means I'm hiding it.

          And those blog posts of Drayton's are not mine. Like I said, I do a little editing, but they're all Drayton's.

          If you don't like them why do you insist on visiting my threads?

          Or are you just a serial complainer always looking for something to whinge about?

          With me, what you see is what you get.

          How about you?
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            Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

            See my answers above

            I do like you Rezbi, and I LOVE Drayton, but this is a forum and
            forums are about public opinions. I just shared mine.

            If you want the spotlight sometimes you got to take the heat
            I don't like **** stirrers who like to start things and then watch what happens.

            When you're the one giving the heat, beware, because that could come back to haunt you.
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              Originally Posted by Paul McQuillan View Post

              If you
              say you just want to help people find out about Drayton, I believe

              His videos are great and should be a part of any direct response
              marketers resources.
              I happen to think Drayton is the best marketer out there. The only reason he's not as well know as some others is because he's in the UK.

              And I believe a lot of people would benefit from doing what he does.

              I certainly have.
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        [QUOTE=Paul McQuillan;2289219]Well, technically you would be adding steps as you would have to
        come to this site, find the thread, click the link... not really easier
        or faster.

        We are always checking email so that would be the quickest and
        easiest way to get updated.

        When I come to the forum I am in the headspace (to get all Sex in the City on you) to learn finer disctinctions about salesmanship. That's why I don't object to Rezbi's links.

        Whether he has a promotional interest in them or not, they're helpful shortcuts for me when I'm in a mindset that's open to copy-related stuff... which isn't always the case when I'm checking email which is more for me about client communications.

        --- Ross
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