Can someone review my sales/pre-sell page?

by Dalun
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I have a review blog for an affiliate product. I have made 10 sales so far with this blog.

I would like someone to read and analyze the review page and tell me what should i improve and how to make it get more conversions and clicks to the product.

What are the weak points and the strong points?

Would you purchase the product after reading the review?

Should I add more content or explain more of the product?

Any advice/criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would say to move the video evidence up higher on the page. If you are making sales, do not change much at a time and test it. See how long people are staying on the page, read that far down and see where you are losing them. Don't discount the scanners also.

    Just a small comment is the text is too small. Dont know if its my browser settings but it is hard to read that small.

    Also, just noticed this but you have links to the product you are reviewing in three places on the blog. I would only have a link in the text body otherwise people will see thru the affiliate cloak.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I have updated the site and changed it a little. Removed the text links within the body.

    I couldnt change the font size cause there is no number font and the higher it goes, the font becomes bolded.

    Do you think someone would be interested in the product after watching the videos and reading the content? Or do I need to change the content and somehow make it get clicks and conversions?
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    It looks good to me. You have strategically placed ads above the fold that look appealing. Considering that you have made 10 sales on what appears to be low traffic I think it is success.


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    One question not asked is: where is the majority of the traffic coming from?

    Is the traffic of high (relevant) quality? Or, is the traffic just here and there traffic...?

    Other than that, I would do what John suggests.
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    my only source of traffic is from the search engines.

    i wondering if the review/pre-sell letter can be improved to get more clicks and conversions or it is okay the way it is now.
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