Take Off Your Copywriter Goggles (Is This Copywriting Secret #1?) ...

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In another thread we were discussing MyCashPrinter.com and its sleazy,
cheesy copy that apparently converted at 2.5% or something like that.

And many people said it sucked and expressed amazement that it
converted AT ALL.

Well, take off your copywriter goggles. The copy wasn't aimed at YOU.

It was aimed at the wide-eyed newbie, probably in need of money, who
had never heard he could make money online before ... and was now
being told his computer could become a cash printer!

What wide-eyed newbie in need of some cash wouldn't want their
computer becoming a cash printer?


It was NOT, repeat NOT aimed at the savvy copywriter who can see a
stock photo a mile away, and has no need of yet another "make money in
3 seconds by pushing a button" ebook.

When looking at copy and judging its "quality", stop looking at it through
copywriter goggles, and ...

... look at it through the eyes of its target prospects.

Put on your target prospect goggles.

Or as I tell my copywriting students, take off your own copywriting head,
with its own prejudices and biases, and put on THEIR head (a typical
target audience member)... and see things from THEIR point of view,
because those target prospects don't have YOUR knowledge, biases,
viewpoints and worldviews ... they have their own.

And it's THOSE that matter.

In the case of MyCashPrinter.com, if YOU were a slightly naive, wide-eyed
newbie who was in need of cash, might YOU be swayed by such a pitch?

You might. And apparently, 1 in 40 are.

Yes, with HINDSIGHT and EXPERIENCE we realize it sounds cheesy and its
stock photos suck ... but the slightly naive, wide-eyed newbie in need of
cash doesn't have the benefit of hindsight and experience.


I'm not suggesting people write like the copy at that site. (And I didn't
write it.)

But they ARE doing something right, if they're converting 1 in 40 visitors.

They took off the copywriter goggles, and put on the goggles of their
target audience.

Could it be improved? Sure.

But bottom line is... it doesn't appeal to copywriters because copywriters
aren't its target audience
... its target audience are wide-eyed newbies
who need cash.

When you truly understand what I've just said in this post, you'll have
grasped possibly the #1 secret of being a good copywriter.
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    Originally Posted by Paul Hancox View Post

    Well, take off your copywriter goggles. The copy wasn't aimed at YOU.
    It's amazing isn't it, how even 'copywriters' forget this simple little fact?

    Makes me wonder how many of these guys 'forget', or simply don't know.

    And, if they don't know, are they really copywriters... or just pretending to be.

    Sometimes it's better not to reply to something unless you absolutely know the answer.
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    Spot on Paul...
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    This is precisely why understanding who your buyers are is so important during the whole process of writing the letter.

    Best Regards,
    vip-ip ...
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