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I've got some great testimonials but I can't help but wonder if my layout/format could be changed to increase results.
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    Hi Dan,

    Quick couple of suggestions:

    1. Try to get as many testimonials with the giver's faces
    as possible. They are more credible.

    If you only have a few, put them right at the top, above
    those that don't have pictures

    2. Don't italicize the block of texts. Do it only for certain
    texts which you want to highlight (e.g. save $400 per year).

    Standardize the font and font size as well.

    Also the text size is too small. It makes for hard reading.
    Try Verdana 10 or 11.

    3. Remove "It's not a secret anymore".
    It's redundant.

    Instead of "Here are what some of your neighbours
    say about..."

    Test this "Here are what some of our customers
    say about us..."

    - Jag
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      In some testimonials you already bold a "headline" within the testimonial. Do that with all of them. Then follow Jag's wise words for formatting.

      --- Ross
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    Your testimonials would look great professionally designed and presented in a neat image format :-)
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    Also, along with what Jag and Ross have said, try sticking the testis with photos inside boxes.
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    Just a general comment about the site is you are not pushing your Unique Sales Proposition (what makes you different from 5000 other agents). Find out what it is and splash it everywhere.

    More specifically on your question, I would mix in a few of those testimonials in your general content where it applies. No one is going to read a million testimonials but they will read a few if they apply to your text.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    With the layout and format... With these links all over the page, you have Split Call To Action.

    There are so many links that can leak traffic.

    You might want to consider split testing what you already have versus a page with no links and just 1 call to action... if it's just to pick up the phone and call you, you might want to put that in between all the testimonials, at the end of the testimonials... or you might want to slap a hover-over ad on that pops up in 15 seconds that says "Call Now"

    Whatever you do... if this page is already bringing in at least some business, then you want to split test it against the new... I wouldn't totally abandon the way it is now if it's working.
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