Choose your words carefully or get your mind out of the gutter!

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Advertisement gone wrong, or are we all just a bit too perverse?

Gaviscon: "It's like a fireman came in your mouth." | AdHack

Sometimes, I think it could benefit some to walk away from their writing for a bit and come back to read it with fresh eyes.

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    Uh - I'd bet you that ad was written by a woman. I'm frequently guilty of gaffs just like that - and it's always a man who catches me and gives me a reality check:
    "How come your peanut M&Ms last so much longer than mine?"
    "I don't chew'em; I suck on them."
    "But what about the nuts?"
    "I just suck'em till they dissolve."
    The next desk over, Lonnie put his head down in his arms and pounded the surface with his fist. "Stop it!" he cried. "You're killing me!"

    And when we rangers were at a week-long meeting, one man came in talking about a teddy bear and a jar of Vaseline.
    "Why would you want a gooey Teddy Bear?" I asked. He turned bright red and walked away fast.
    Never did get any reply.

    So I get your point - but not everyone quite has that mindset. ;-)

    "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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    Originally Posted by Mike Schwenk View Post

    Advertisement gone wrong, or are we all just a bit too perverse?

    Maybe it's both...either way I've been laughing for about 5 minutes now. My wife even laughed for a couple seconds.
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    This was a rework of the original tv spot which has the tag line "Gaviscon. What a feeling!"

    The perversion was purposely placed directly into our minds. The phrase, " ... like a <insert anything> came in your mouth.", is a pretty obvious tip off. (The word came, in this usage,doesn't work grammatically for anything but its slang definition.)

    I can't post a link to the real 30 sec ad but you can find it searching Google for "gaviscon fireman".

    For some, the real ad may have a bit of erotic symbolism in it. So, it could have stirred the sexually charged creative juices of the author of the fake ad. To me, it just looks like fireman putting out the flames of heartburn.
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    Reminds me of this:

    How all of these actors and the VO artist got through this thing without cracking up laughing, I'll never know.
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